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Rod, our leader, and I have many things in common and certainly one is a love for the sportscars of the 60's, 70's and 80's. If anything Rod's knowledge is much greater than mine, although I did see many of the top cars race back then. Rod particularly likes the crazy 935 Porsches, so when I looked out of the Barcelona Media Centre on Saturday afternoon as the grid for the Classic Endurance Race was forming up I knew that I had grab my gear and cover the race. He would not forgive me if I missed out on a "Moby " 935 78 from the Joest stable. I did not a chance to really look at the car but I guess that it was an ex-DRM example. If it is at the next round in Spa next month I will get a closer look.

Another DRM Joest car from 1978.

At the other end of the scale is this Ferrari 275 GTB 4 from 1966

It is odd to see these classic cars on a modern Grand Prix track but better that than not see them at all.

Another favourite of the Editor and Myself is the BMW M1, in Procar livery.

Not all the cars are exotics which is definetly a term never applied to an MG C.

Also from the 60s a De Tomaso Mangusta

A very elegant outline, the Lola T70 MKlll

A gaggle of 2 litre Lolas lead the pack.

This was easily the fastest car out there, a 1977 spec Porsche 936.

The main challenger until a late race engine problem, a Can Am Ferrari 712.

Speaking of elegance, the BMW M1.

But if Muscle is your thing then the 1973 Corvette should suffice.

Somewhere in between is this 1974 Porsche 911 RSR.

A real Le Mans special, the Ferrari 512 BB LM

And a final look at the 935 78…………….a thing of beauty.

John Brooks



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Pure history out here! Ah, man.. no words to describe my feeling for these cars.


OLD SCHOOL CARS FTW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I really like classic races, but i much prefer when their in urban circuits.

Which reminds me, are you guys going to cover the Porto WTCC race? If you are you should stay for the next week too since there's the Historic Circuito da Boavista race. Probably not going to have GT's and such, but you certainly see some interesting classics.

The WTCC race is 4 to 6 July, and the Historic is 11 to 13.

Hpoe someone's coming to cover it - I REALLY WANT SOME SPEEDHUNTERS STICKERS!! ^___^


Sensory overload here!!! Awesome!!! Thanks for the great post!


Road Atlanta livery ftw!


Thanks folks............

@Naga_Ten I am afraid that I will miss Porto for both events..........Goodwood Festival of Speed followed by EDC Santa Pod

John Brooks


OMG - amazing shots! Love the vintage stuff!


Mangusta FTW! So much better looking than the later Pantera, there was one being worked on over here at the DuPont family's personal restoration shop, which happens to be right around the corner from me ;) That 512BB LM is sooo beautiful! Cool coverage, love the vintage sportscars, keep it up!


That BMW M1 = SEX. The same goes for it's street-going counterpart, the E31. There's something about a V12 and flip up headlights that just works with classic BMW body lines.