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Andy at Powervehicles often picks up some pretty crazy looking cars at auctions, or via tuning shops he deals with. This JZA80 Supra is no exception, especially the wild BN Sports Blister kit it has been fitted with.  

The in your face drift look seems to suit the big Supra quite well, just take a look at how the front and rear fenders have been blistered out. 

A rear brake cooling ducts have been worked into the rear fenders, but whether these are functional or not is not quite clear. 

The view from the back has to be the selling point of this kit, I mean just look at those proportions! The already big and round JZA80 rear end has just gotten bigger. And the rear GT type wing is so steeply raked it might be providing a tad too much downforce for drifting.

Under the BN Sports aero hood it all looks stock, with the twin sequential turbo layout boosting the 2JZ.

The lip on the SSR/Andrews Racing Veilside wheels is quite something, especially at the rear as they try to fill out the massive fenders. Pretty unique looking Supra to say the least!


Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Great looking kit but that spoiler is terrible. And the wheels are definitely too VIP for me. Luckily those are two very easily remedied problems!


sooo not for speed hunters...horrible aero kit too


Looks cool, but needs a more serious wheel setup to fit that kit.


i think sum1 needs to show him where the airport is


an intersting look for the supra


Unique is not always good.


Actually the second pic doesnt look that bad..minus the wing it would look badass.


This spoiler looks ugly, its too vertical, the purpose of spoiler is to provide more traction but in this case it will work as a resistance to the forward movement, it feels like the car is an expression of someones imagination and has nothing about the purpose of the things it has, in othe words this spoiler was put on only because the owner thinks it looks cool not because he was looking for some particular gain, rims are the typical ghetto child rims from a fckng walmart, I KNOW ITS VERY WRONG TO JUDGE ANYBODY'S TASTE but i just cant stand this rims, he needs something like a fckng chevrolet caprice or other white trash crap for this rims. peace out.


Would look so much better without that snowboard on the back ^^

Seriously, that wing looks terrible.


replace with OEM supra wing, and we'll talk


Great car..clean and nice..fenders are so flared..sweet VIP high-heels, but they don't suit her

She needs a FMIC..


If we're going to _not_ judge the owner's taste, here's something politically correct:

Fit your kit. If you're going to cheap out on the quality of your parts, then at least spend the extra prep time before paint and make sure your front bumper isn't a twisted wedge of plastic, that's improperly gapped and obviously sits about an inch and a half lower on the passenger side...


I love it! Japan gets so gangster with their supras. Its either full super GT style or some sick crazy drift style like this one. I'm down for everything on this car. It needs a fat ass front mount to finish it off.


He misses fake diamonds all around, plus there is no way he's forgotten about halogen lamps underneath the car and a subwoofer in his trunk playing the hip hop so loud the car's windows are shaking like crazy making cheap sound of the freaked out honey bees, I heard there is some neighborhood where he can get a face of 2pac painted on his hood in purple, if interested I can help with that to finish the "project", but he will have to prove that he is a real raper by giving out of his own hip hop before getting the work on the hood. COMMON GUYS,ITS SPEEDHUNTERS, NOT A SPEEDPANTERS OR VELOCITYRAPERS.


I actually really like this car. I mean, the wheels/ fitment aren't the greatest, but it's much better than all the other ricer Supra's. The kit is amazing too. It's different than your normal Supra and I like it much better :)


horrible, just look at that muffler...horrible


The Wing is awesome

BN Sports is the king


this car is just 2 fast 2 furious


I think the kit looks great on the car, could be fitted a little better, but all in all it gets a thumbs up!

The wheels are hot , def. not walmart fckn rims that somone mentioned further up...

and what Sanchopanse said is total bullshit, COMMON MAN, THIS IS NOT SOME RUN OF THE MILL US SUPRA, THIS IS WHAT JDM IS ALL ABOUT...


Hammer 88, That muffler is looking like that because the silencer is fitted... 1 screw and its a big gaping hole...


Sanchopanse... Raper has a different meaning than Rapper.


Kolbotn, agreed! *thumb up*


"rims are the typical ghetto child rims from a fckng walmart, I KNOW ITS VERY WRONG TO JUDGE ANYBODY'S TASTE but i just cant stand this rims, he needs something like a fckng chevrolet caprice or other white trash crap for this rims. peace out."

They're Veilside Andrews. Not Boss 906s or DUB Big Homies, or anything else like that.

It's a classic JDM wheel, whether you like it or not. (I don't on sports cars)


DAAAAAAAAMN, PEOPLE!!! What's with the criticism!? That Supra look's sick!. Of course that spoiler is way too vertical looking like a snowboard indeed:)) The wheels could have had a better settup like some other rims, more racy-like and a better fitment.... The real minus on the Supra might be that mufler. Looks like it was taken of a Walmart shelf :)))). Besides that.... Preety sick, but there's still a lot to improuve on it.


That wing was on the blue C33 Laurel Mike Garett featured a while ago and nobody has said nothing against it. This car is gangster (in a good way), it just need a paintjob, and a better wheel fitment!


Always loved this kit, but the wheels are pretty weak...and that wing was cool maybe 5 years ago.


You guys would be surprised what you find at auctions in Japan. Like it or not, you can't look at these type of cars with a critical eye. Think of its potential, what someone could to with it!


hahaha at the "airport" comment


The car looks damn awesome!!! Why are people saying that the wheel fitment is bad? I thought it looked quite flush.



does powervehicles raise cars for transport or something? looks great. would look even better if it were just a smidge lower.


Potential is right... i would immediately remove the entire kit and replace it with something a little less spocom. way too much. in a word: no.


the drifter look doesnt suit this car that well IMO

but it is an interesting set up


imho, the supra is too large of a car to rock the bn blister... would look better on something smaller, like an fc3s or 13 or something


it reminds me of the bodykits off of need for speed.. kinda lame


I just bought this car from Andy for a customer. Its funny how different opinions in different parts of the world can vary so much. Its much like a persons accent I suppose. Everybody has their own & others sound weird to them. I personally love the BN Sports Blister kits. Hence I bought some of their Demo cars. Thats my 2 cents worth anyway. What would the world be like if we all agreed ea.


I love the kit, but it needs to be hammered a bit more with fitting wheels.


Airport??!?!? Whats that meat to mean? That car was bought to order for a customer. Not my car, not built by us, not my taste.... Just an unusual kit. So whats all the comments about my taste etc? If you want to see my taste check out our 600PS D1 SL JZX100 Demo car, or our S14, FD, JZS161, S13 etc etc etc..... Wheres the roll eyes similey lol.


Wow.. first garbage BN kit.. ever...