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“Build it and they will come”

Or so Stephane Ratel hopes. The head honcho of the FIA GT Championship revealed his vision for 2010 and the following years last week. Central to his plans for a Wold Championship was the creation of a new class of cars to take on the GT1 mantle. This is a bold move in these times of financial constraints and budget cuts but fortune favours the brave, or so we are told.

Of course Stephane can draw some comfort from the fact that as he spoke to the room two of these cars actually exist, the Ford GT from Matech and the Nissan GT-R. SpeedHunters will be examing the proposals for the future of GT Racing in the next week or so but as Rod is eagerly awaiting the piece on the R35, it would be an act of cruelty to delay any further.

The GT-R is a full factory project handled by NISMO, the motorsports arm of Nissan. The aim is to test and develop the car in 2009 with a view to selling on at least 4 examples for the 2010 FIA GT Championship.

Ok, some numbers. The car is built to to 2010’s proposed regulations so it is 4.73 meters long, 2.04 meters wide and weighs in at 1,250 Kilograms.

It is powered by a 5.552 litre V8 engine developing around 600bhp. The engine type is a VK56DE which in everyday life is the muscle that shifts the Nissan Titan pickup truck.

The 600 horsepower is fed to the rear wheels only, through a triple plate clutch and a Ricardo 6 speed transaxle gearbox.

The brakes, both front and rear, are 6 piston caliper with carbon disks and pads. There is double wishbone suspension at the front with muli-link at the rear.

In common with other new cars the tyres and wheels are the same front and rear, this is done to maximise the tyre life. There are new restrictions on how many mechanics can work on the car, two down from four, and this makes the tyre stops much longer than before. The 18′ tyres are provided by Michelin.

So much for the statistics, what is the plan for 2009? NISMO have formed an alliance with FIA GT regulars, Gigawave Motorsport, to run a limited programme of four races in the 2009 FIA GT Championship. The team will make their race debut at Silverstone on 3rd May for the RAC Tourist Trophy, the first round of this year’s Championship. The next outing will be Oschersleben on 21st June.

Then onto the Blue Riband event in the FIA GT calendar, the Spa 24 Hours. A further race is planned, probably Zolder in October but the final decision has yet to be taken.

The car will be driven by Micheal Krumm and Darren Turner, Michael is a long time factory driver for Nissan with many successes in Japanese Super GT with the NISMO 350Z and GT-R. Darren was an Formula One Test Driver for McLaren and has been a works driver for Aston Martin and Mercedes Benz in sportscar racing and Seat in Touring Cars. They make a really formidable pair. A third driver will be recruited for the Spa 24 Hours.

Gigawave is the world’s leading company in the On-Board Camera and RF Transmitter technology. They design, manufacture and implement the technology for many TV, military and security applications and motorsport uses their services in Formula One, Moto GP and FIA GT. The incredible shots of Valentino Rossi in Moto GP come as a result of Gigawave’s work.

An indication of how serious Gigawave are about the GT-R project is that they have pulled out of this year’s Le Mans 24 Hours where they had an entry for their Aston Martin DBR9.

The team and the drivers were noncommittal about the performance of the car at Le Castellet and given that they are running to 2010 rules they will be at a significant disadvantage to the cars running to the current formula. However at a race like Spa 24 Hours the strengths of a car like the GT-R can propel it up the order.

The car at Le Castellet looked fantastic and sounded great, GT racing is about to get serious again.

John Brooks



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Any vid of this thing. Saw a street GTR today on state street in Salt Lake pulling into RC Autotmotive. :O!!!!!! What a beast of a car. Can't wait for this GTR to continue the GTR legacy.


I think I speak for many, "Desktops Please". Any chance of this car racing in ALMS/Lemans 24?


This is just so awesome, this is going to be one of the best years yet for GT; THANK YOU for covering this John I thought I might have died by cruel fate before it came out but it is allll good now!




#35 too. Nice.


Folks Many thanks

@EJ25 the car is built to the proposed 2010 regulations for GT1, so it cannot race in ACO races this year. Stephane Ratel was quite clear that the new regulations have the input and approval of the ACO so that being the case there is no reason why the car will not be seen in the ALMS and Le Mans 24 next year,



600hp NA V8. RWD. Lightweight.

This is my kind of GTR.


Verily ye shall be known as St John Brooks.

I watched the Super GT version clinch the title at Fuji whilst freezing my whatsits off last November and had been hoping for a version to take to the world since the road car was confirmed. Now have the missus pretty much on board (with help from these photos) for a first trip to Le Mans should a GT-R appear in 2010.

Domo John!


GT racing is about to get serious again! WOOOOO!!!! Yes John. Great feature. I'm so stoked this new formula is working. 2010 GT1 is shaping up nicely. GT3 looks great as always. And hopefully GT2 will get a few more entries . . .

Speaking of GT2, how about that feature on the Flying Lizard RSRs John?


@musashi999 I am sure the priests and nuns who laboured in vain to try and teach me something all those years ago would be pleased, if somewhat puzzled about any suggestion of canonization...........let's hope that Le Mans 2010 is a dream that turns true........unlike me becoming a saint.

@Matt B the Lizards 997 has not been forgotten but the R35 seemed a higher priority.



Thanks a lot for this superb pictures of this gorgeous " true " racing car John.

I live at 1 hour from the Paul Ricard track , but because this kind of tests sessions are for private eyes only , your work is definitly the best way to admire this piece of art on wheels.

I really appreciate the engine and cockpicts shots.

Merci beaucoup ;)


@John: Awesome! Thanks very much!


You guys forgot to mention that it uses the same VK56DE from the GT-Rs that run in the Gt500 category in the SuperGt series.


Its unfortunate that Nismo isn't using the GT-R engine or suspension or transmission in this car or the Super GT car.

I wonder why they aren't using production vehicle drivetrain components in any of their motorsport endeavors.


Wonderful pics of the engine bay! Next year all of a sudden, seems so much farther away. I sure hope that someone stateside will campaign one, if not two of these in ALMS in 2010!


wow i'm love skyline


@ eclip5e: Yes that is a good question. It seems as though the productions components (engine, transmission, etc) are not able to be used to live up to the GT-R's legacy in today's competitions with other cars. Back with the r32, r33 & r34 gtr's, the factory components were all used to give the gtr the name it has.


that car looks mint!!!!


Last weekend the 2009 FIA GT Championship had its first round, on the Silverstone Grand Prix track. It