I know, I know…. I’m a bit obsessed with Porsche 935s and will find any excuse to write about them. To me, an 800 bhp GT car is something worth talking about… but if you consider 1999 to be ancient history, then perhaps it’s best to look away now.

I just found this fantastic ten minute clip on Youtube which shows some high-quality filmed footage from Sebring ’82. This was probably the last year that GT cars were at the forefront of American Endurance racing before Prototypes locked out the front of the grids. It’s too bad, as for me, it was a magic formula, to allow GTs to race against Prototypes for overall victory. Perhaps we should lobby Le Mans to adopt Super GT rules? Think they would go for that?


Sebring 2009 Coverage on Speedhunters

Porsche 935 Retrospective Part1

Porsche 935 Retrospective Part2



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Great find Rod! Im so disapointed with the huge prototype section these days. Long live GT! speaking of, have any of the races been fully recorded and are available to buy? Anyone?


You'd have loved it today, Rod. The Blue Coral K3 was out on track running with the BASF M1. Great stuff.


some classic GTP stuff will be up soon on the net.....


Baaa..... jealous!


That no. 46 prototype looks like it should racing on water (hovercraft) and what team does the yellow no. 9 porsche with the nasty wing belong to? Did anyone notice how little sponsorship logos are on the cars?