Hmmm… would you guys prefer we change our site name from Speedhunters to Drifthunters or JDMhunters? Or are you happy with us highlighting some Grand Touring culture too?

For those of you are who aren’t yet on board with our current fascination with the upcoming Sebring 12 hours, have a look at this video clip from the final lap of the 2007 race. After twelve hours of running, the top two GT2 class cars fought it out right up to the final corner in what must be the one of the most exciting finishes in a GT race anywhere. Fight!


Sebring 2009 Coverage on JDM… err… Speedhunters



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So glad to see some genuine grip racing action up here on Speedhunters.


Easily one of my all-time favorite moments in motorsports. I watched this live, and it had me jumping out of my seat. Even now, watching it on your site nearly two years later, I get chills.


Although in all seriousness, it is nice to see some GT Action on SH. Some Super GT action would be nice too. I'm always surprised that there isn't much WRC or P-WRC coverage up here. Even if it's just what's taken from


Please DONT change to Drifthunters or JDM.... I mean I love JDM and drift to the max!..... But I verry much enjoy the verryed content that Speedhunters continues to MaxOutBlast all over my screen. Keep It up!!


I wish I could afford Sebring, it's only 3 hours from me.. I enjoy Speedhunters because you have not only JDM & drift scene but also GT/LM, that's why I subscribe :)


YES!. I remember watching this race. Could not sit down for the life of me. +rep to Speedhunters for diversity. Can you talk to Speed Channel and teach them a bit more diversity. I miss WRC and other European racing.


Ahhh what a moment. I wish I was down at Sebring so bad! Next year I must go! Damn the college loans!


"March 19, 2009 7:54 PM"

SO truthsolo is from the future!?? (its only 7:43)


How about some comment on the race itself?

Porsche driver got skill to pass the Ferrari.....Ferrari DID a dirty move at the end straight away locking the Porsche into the wall......NOT COOL ! Bumping and hitting each other is fair game in racing, but the driver of the Ferrari took it a bit too far.


I remember watching that. What Melo did was uncool, but it was fair game.


Typical Melo. Look what he did at Sebring in 2008.....


I'd have done the same thing and left it up to the race stewards!!!! the Porsche should have blocked though until he was sure... since he should know (better than me) that the maneuvre is not over the second you get the lead you have to protect it til you can get away.


to be honest, I'm not that big into the high end of racing, I'd really rather see more grassroots drift and auto cross with low level builds and drivers who pay for they tyres/fuel/helmets.... dont get me wrong high level racing is exciting, but theres so much more passion that goes into racing and drifting at the grass roots level.


more grass routes stuff would be cool, but just as much passion at the top end, if not more, at least it is in circuit racing. you forget that many of these drivers have mortgaged their houses 2,3 times over. I know one top driver who is a million $ indebt, but now hes at this level, he's slowly paying it back, even though he has to bring money to the team. Very few get lucky breaks all the way to the top.


Agreed, love the grassroots stuff, that was some cool racing. That Porsche was better in corners but obviously Ferrari had the hp's. Thanks for posting. Agree with everyone, keep it diverse!


There are too many JDM and Drift dedicated blogs already, way too many. It's good to keep it diverse. Do not change the name.

to Max: I think you're very wrong that there is more passion in grassroots sports, I don't think anyone has any idea what passion these people have when they stay up 12 hours or 24 hours to race, the crew, the prep, everything.


You can see the Porsche driver ran a little deep in the last corner, so really it was his mistake. Rubbin is racing!


Melo is a bastard, he was afraid to go head to head so he pushed the Porsche towards the wall. That's not rubbin, that's taking out competitors...

High level racing is awesome but can't reach the level of passion you see at grass roots level. In the one hand you have professional racing with historical battles but in the other you've got passionate people and comeradery.


I'm from Spain and I visit every weekend this website...I prefer SPPEDHUNTERS ;)


Sebring is such a visceral experience, anyone who can should definitely get out there and experience it! Hell just drive down and sleep in your car at the track! Thanks for bringing the ALMS action, some of the most exciting racing in North America IMO.


We'd like to congradulate the four class winners from the 2009 12 hours of Sebring, no doubt one


OMG... best finsh everrr!!!!


F**k the Ferrari! He had to push the Porsche away. Not fair!!!!

Next Time Porsche wins again!