Okay, so get this. What if you woke up one morning, and got a phone call from Lamborghini headquarters in Italy, asking if you could fly out immediately to test drive the fastest Lamborghini ever built by the factory? Just how quickly do you think you could brush your teeth, pack your bags, and head to the airport?

This crazy scenario was actually a true story for a person I know. Four weeks ago, he was personally chosen by Lamborghini to fly to a high security aircraft hangar located in Hamburg, Germany. His mission was to test drive a prototype Lamborghini, for the filming of a new car debut film, which would be played at the Geneva Auto Show. The car in question would be the previously unreleased Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670-4 Super Veloce – one of only two prototypes that exist in the entire world.

This new Murcielago LP 670-4 Super Veloce produces 670 horsepower, and is 220lbs lighter than a normal Murcielago. It truly is a supercar – it does zero to sixty in only 3.2 seconds! It’s limited too – only 350 of these LP 670-4 SVs will be produced.

So imagine YOU were the person that was called on by Lamborghini. Just how fast could YOU pack your bags?

BONUS Points: Can anyone guess who was driving the Murcielago SV in the film?

-Antonio Alvendia



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easy to find out by clicking on the youtube video


Pack what bags? hah you can buy all that stuff over there!


Samuel Hubinette?


THE CRAZY SWEDE. Read it on Wrecked, lol.


that video was boring and kinda annoying


It has to be the crazy swede can tell by the donuts...

props to jeff and absolution who posted before me with the same ideas




Film wise.... Meh

Pack my bags?.... Shit... nothing to pack... grab my backpack throw in helmet, Puma KartCats, grab my gloves, PSP, passport/wallet and Id be out.


Its Samuel Hubinette YEA BOI


Wow Thats A Beauty And The Beats Combination,

Just loved The Drifts It made cant say Who Was the Driver,

And I would get ready in 5-8 Minutes


will hubinette stick roller blade wheels on that too >_>


what a fun that must have been when standing in that hangar hearing this beast ...


Wut? Brush my teeth and pack my bags? Never mind all that crap, just get dressed, get your drivers license and get on the damn plane!

And yeah, it's Samuel Hubinette - The video links to youtube which lets you see the username "Shubinette12" ^_^


Video is no longer available.


Boring. I hate the new style of video tailored for the A.D.H.D. Ridalyn-popping generation where the camera jumps around and you never (until the VERY END) get to see the car.

16 he's got some international recognition from ROC.


Although production values are high I agree with Ryoga, the frame-jumps come too often but on the other hand the car pretty much only does donuts in the video making it unnecessary to use any sort of long pan shots or something that would really show up well. BTW maybe it's just me but when I read "Drifting the Fastest Lambo" on the title I expected more than donuts, sorta like the video for JR's drift record.


No wonder 7 Reventons are currently up for sale; the owners can sell for a profit, then buy this faster and better looking Murcielago variant and still have a million or so left over!


To Be honest I would have guessed Ken Block... He's the only guy I would trust with a car that expensive doing stunts in an environment like that! Guess all the You Tubers had to wreck my fun :p


Easy to figure out who was driving just by reading the tag at the top of the vid. I dig the video, makes me want to buy one (I could look at a crappy drawing of one and still want one).


Another dumb video with just donuts...

The drifter can do much more than that, and the car is certainly more capable than that.

I just don't get these vids...


fuck packing bags/brushing teeth

grab passport/wallet and GTFO!!!


I don't like the video and music speed hunters drift video ftw


Trick question: it's computer generated?


Brush teeths or packing? i would go with my pijamas!