Random Snap>>nissan Tiida + Bbs

Last weekend I was in Ginza with some friends when I spotted this Nissan Tiida hatchback sitting low on a set of BBS LM wheels. You hardly ever see fixed up Tiidas on the street, so I was glad to have my camera with me at the time.

If the Tiida car looks familiar, that's because it's basically the same thing as the Nissan Versa in the United States. People are always modifying Honda Fits and Scions, but why not these cars?

Hmm…how many of you are going to be searching for Versas on Craigslist after seeing this pic?

-Mike Garrett



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BBS wheels are the shxt! Looks good on almost all types of tuning (drift, race, VIP, K-car).


I've seen quite a few Tiida's in Romania, but here they are sold with dorky high suspensions to tackle the all-to-present pot holes and come with puny 15 inch rims. It's nice to see one lowered for a change. I used to think these cars look pretty lame, but seeing this picture I realize this is actually a nice car one you get the stance right!


I never thought I'd say a Versa looked good, but this is quite nice. I always thought of the current Japanese subcompacts(Fit, Yaris, Versa, Scion), the Versa was the ugliest but I see now that it is just the stance. I'm still not sure about the front end, though. I've always thought you can see a lot of the Renault influence in this car, especially the head and taillights and overall profile.


get that car off Speedhunters! Have you ever driven one? Worst car I have ever driven. This is not car culture. What next, a Kia Rio?


Nice BBS rims


Looks sick, too bad BBS LMs in that size (or any size) cost a fortune


Malaysia have this model too but different name. Is called Nissan "Latio" Hatchback Impul version.


Is it me or does the rear wheel alignment look a little off? Caster / toe issues?


yeah Gabriel,they called it "Latio Hatchback IMPUL version "


Can we get a hi res pic of this?? =D


That looks so legit.


Thats so klean I wint on zi Nissan Site 2 look at the Versa.

Perfectly done there that one is.


i built one for nissan a few years back. honestly the quality of the build of the car is questionable. while the car sat in storage, it began falling apart on its own. i wouldnt ever buy one.


damn, that shit looks dope. needs some negative camber in front, or something, maybe it's the rim lip that makes it look like positive camber.

would have been nice to see some front shots.


that infact is a clean tiida, i have a usdm versa, and i have to say that it is infact hard to find parts... i really like the drop on this car, it looks like it has coilovers w/19's.... i have my car lowered on tanabe df210 springs w/20's and it still has some wheel gap.... i also like that the rims come flush with the fenders... it looks like a possible +38 with 8 inch rims on front and back with spacers in the rear.... clean car altogether, however i wonder if it has the 1.8 or the 1.6 or 1.5 installed.... where was this car spotted?


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I got a nissan versa 2012 5dr hatch in red..ihave only a rear roof wing ''jdm'' but i want to know the buddy kit that this versa has!!


EdrickFloresMendez  just go to ebay or amazon you only need the front lip and the back lip then lower the car and you will se the results!!


Do you know the owner ? want to find the tire spec with yhe wheel.,