Random Snap>> Mad Mike’s Rx8

Mad Mike Whiddett's crazy wide body RX7 has been featured a few times on Speedhunters. While this iconic FD has many fans around the world, it appears Mike has a new build brewing for the 2009 New Zealand drift season……

At the final round of the 2008 NZdrift series, Mike attempted to compete in a show room stock spec race RX8….. It was just to get a feel for the car before it was be dismantled…… Now Mike and his team are working hard to get this RX8 ready for the 22nd of March for it's debut at the 4andRotary Jamboree.

After that first showing, it'll be back to the garage for final suspension work for the new drift season. As you can see in the photo, Mike went for the 20B turbo route. The engine will be force fed thanks to a HKS T51R turbo and lots of other goodies. On the exterior side, we'll find a BN Sports wide body kit and of course the custom Red Bull livery. I will keep you guys updated with pictures and more regarding this car, so stay tuned. I know this car will look just as good or maybe even better than his RX7…… can't wait!

Mike wishes to thank the following: Red Bull, Redline Performance, Goodyear, Castrol, DC, TengTools, Tein, P.P.R.E, Turbosmart, HKS, Lokey, ITS, Weds, Fusion, .com racing, Classis Cover insurance, BOP polishers, Chromie, Damion and Toni.

-Jeroen Willemsen

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Sweet, I saw this at the final round. Good to see some late model RX getting out there


Aw, too bad you can't see the rest... T_T


Mmm I see series 1-2 RX4.


he should stick with the RX-7 - it looks awsome and works.... the 8 is hideous, but i am curious to see what kind of beast he puts together with the new chassis. my expectations are low though.