Random Snap>> Lamborghini Lp 650-4 Roadster

Lamborghini just sent over their first photographs of the limited edition Murciélago LP 650-4 Roadster. It comes fitted with an uprated 6.5 litre V12 engine that produces 650 hp along with permanent four-wheel drive: hence the model’s LP 650-4 moniker. With 660 Nm of torque, the 0-100km/h run is reached in a scant in 3.4 seconds. The top speed is around 330 Km/h or 205mph.Just what you need right?

You know, I like exotic cars as much as anyone, but I am usually filled with a slight loathing for the driver… especialy if the car is bright yellow (hahaha)… to me this is just bad taste… I'm sure, if I saw anyone in this crazy monster I'd have to give them my full respect… It's pretty cool!

Exotic car owners: Respect or Loath? Discuss:




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Yellow exotics are awesome. Only cars where Yellow works. Not sure about Gray and Orange


oops mis-typed the title... these pics are new though. I have the date stamped press release from Lamborghini in my inbox here. The link you sent are for renders, not photos.


looks sweet


Exotic car owners - Loathe. They could have a beast of a tuned car with the money spend on their (most of the time) overly-expensive exotics.

Exotic car owners IN PORTUGAL - Loathe even more. Most of them are old men that don't even go over 50 mph on their cars... What a waste....


love the color, gray with orange trim looks awsome!


i would want a British Racing Green Murcielago. i think that would be quite nice.


I just see a person who thinks you can buy "cool" and I'm sure driving it makes you feel that way but i'm not a super car fan at all. Speed that is bought dosent impress me, it should be built. And these cars are so expensive most people who can afford them aren't going to use them and I mean really use them. You drop so much money into it you're afraid to beat on it. My cars are built to be beat on and raced, never putt around at an 1/8th of its capable speed. I also take a lot more pride in a car that was built, not something I just went out and purchased cause thats just me running on the accomplishments of others there is no personal victory to be had.

But maybe thats just me, *shrugs


I can appreciate your sentiment Neil, but just for the sake of argument, who's to say they haven't accomplished something already and are just rewarding themselves? why muck about with the potential hazards of running a build yourself (especially if you don't know what you're doing) or paying someone loads of cash to do one for you? what if you just want a crazy toy that you might have drooled over as a child or as a young man, and still have it be covered by warranty?


there are all sorts of reasons one could fire off, it wouldn't be fair to presume ANYTHING about exotic car owners, because after all they're people just like you and me.


I tipicly loath exotic car drivers, and I think thats because for the hundreds of Ferrari's and Lambo's ect. that Ive seen over the years, I only rember maby 3 or 4 that have ever really used the performance of the car. It seams to me that many exotic car owners just by the cars because they think they look cool or whatever and there rich... its not like these owners know how to drive them. In fact Ive been on the Touge before and been stuck behind a sweet Porsche or Ferrari.... when Im driving somthing much slower... its pathitic.


i beat a ferrari in my supra


I guess i need to reword that. I didnt mean they havent acomplished anything, obviously they have if they can drive a car like that.

It's just that I always feel 100 times better driving or winning in a car I've built. Maybe that just comes from building race cars, and I take great pride in beating all the big money teams with something i have put together in my single car garage over the winter with basically no money. I like to show people a lot can be achived with so little and achieving anything in an exotic car like that to me is just pointless, its capable and everyone knows it is so its nothing special to me.

Its like TougeNoMikado said, they probly dont know anything about cars anyways and just buy them for the wow factor and to show they have money. But as an enthusiast I see nothing apealing about an exotic car and would never buy one no matter how rich i became. Even i had infinate money I'd still stick to my older cars, I'd just have more of them and a nicer place to work on them in,


A Beast With Great Perfomance,

Would Love Other Colour,

I totally Agree With You Neil Its Just Waste To Buy A Lambo For Driving It At Slow Speed,

Ya It Would Hurt If It Gets Crashed But Its Nithing In Front Of The Feeling Of Driving It At Its Best


Actually, it isnt a waste, since a lambo is not only a babe magnet, but an awesome car that gives some level of social status to the driver, things an ae86 will never be


Most people who loathe supercar owners are just people who can't afford to buy one in the first place. Their 'loathing' is normally just a hidden jealous, because they wish they had the options to afford to buy one or a number of cars of that caliber. In reality, supercar owners are just any other car owners. Some can be really cool, really use the car and keep it maintained, and share the joy of the machine with the public. Some can just be douches. (Those people have no people skills, regardless of the car they have)

So really in the end, it doesn't really matter.

I'd love to get my hands on some of the super cars. The Ascari's, Ferrari's etc. Who knows? I've got a long life ahead of me, hopefully :-P


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