Random Snap>> Equip-ed Integra

I sometimes joke with people that my happiness is directly affected by my distance to a computer screen…. Perhaps this is more true that I care to admit; it's the weekend and I've been sitting in front of my computer at home all morning working, surfing and watching videos….. oh well… might as well not fight it…. During my puttering across the net this morning, I found this photostream from a young talented photographer by the name of Kyle Crawford. He shows a bit of promise, don't you think?

Of the cars that Kyle has shot, I especially like the look of this JDM-faced Integra. It's owned by someone named Mark D….. Nice and clean!….. I do like the look of Equips on Hondas!




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hondas are fucking gay old skool toyotas shred


agnus - - Shut up dude. Old School Toyotas rock, but Hondas this clean.... Damn.... No possible comparison dude, it's like apples and oranges.

This car is so damn clean i'd eat off its hood !!


decent shot but....

composition needs some work. too many shadows due to light placement. try harder


gotta love the JDM ITR Honda!


wrong wheel drive


i lol'd at the dude up the top there. i am quite a toyota man myself, but i do have a soft spot for jdm honda's. this one would probably be one of the tidiest hondas i have seen and most likely look i would have if i ownd a honda. BIG ups to the owner. and nice shots dude. cheers hugo


Theres something about the retro wheel choice of Equip03's that shouldnt work at all, SHOULD be on a 910 or KE70 or something, But it just looks insanely awesome on Ek's,Eg's and DC2's... i love it. Win.


I think Integras must have Mugen, Volk, or whatever racing wheels. Leave these wheels to the FR's and old school JDM rides.


looks pretty clean! I have seen this photographer before, good shyt!


thats my dawgs car ....hondas shit on pretty much everything btw mugen and volk is playyyyyyyyyyyyyed x10


Honda is playyyyyyyed x100


EPIC WIN!!! Who says old school JDM wheels dont work on hondas!




car looks amazing regardless


gay wheel drive + wheels that belong on an FR x Honda = Lame.


coming from a toyota lover car looks amazing and anyone that hates on a brand of car should be shot for being so one sided


love it. Big ups to Kyle and Mark D.


Nice photo. Not my kind of car, but cool none the less. I think Kyle shoots for coldtrackdays.com. I have seen his stuff on there before and he is listed as a contributor. I would like to see him shoot something other than Hondas. The honda scene is a little old if you ask me


ian said: thats my dawgs car ....hondas *** on pretty much everything

That made me laugh. I think you meant to say that pretty much everything shits on Honda.

The picture is awesome and the car *looks* cool but with it's wrong-wheel-drivetrain and half a motor....EPIC FAIL.


Best to avoid a Honda month then on Speedhunters?


Re: ian

"btw mugen and volk is playyyyyyyyyyyyyed x10"

Oh? Lightweight, durable, forged wheels are played out? And here I was thinking that performance never got old. Silly me.


Re: JamesL

"Oh? Lightweight, durable, forged wheels are played out? And here I was thinking that performance never got old. Silly me."

This is 100% True. Those of us in Solo and club racing are happy we can get decent and light wheels for the price.


thanks for all the comments!


Please Rod have a Honda month!! Honda's were like a gateway drug that exposed many people to modding cars. Some moved up to Toyotas or Nissans but some still like a Honda! That is what I like about Speedhunters a place where car lovers can come together and gawk at cool cars, from beastly GTRs to the "lowly" Honda as some jerks like the first poster seem to believe. We are not all drift hounds so any expoure to anything besides Silvias and hatchirokus is appreiciated!!

I have a Honda but I love cars in general and I do like to watch drifting!!


one of the best up and coming photographers in the car game.