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The Toyota Soarer, or Lexus SC as it's known in the states, is one of those cars that a lot of people talk about building, but never seems to get past the "idea stage". As you've seen, there are plenty of high quality Soarer drift cars in Japan, but there aren't many legit drift SC's in the USA. Well, that's about to change. Veteran driver and fabrication master Alex Pfeiffer is in the process of putting together a new Lexus SC300 for use in Formula D Competition. The build still has a long way to go before being finished, but it's already shaping to be one of the best SC's in the USA, if not the world. Goals are for a total weight of around 2800 lbs and somewhere in the neighborhood of 1000 horsepower. Wow.

We will continue to watch as the car gets closer to completion.

-Mike Garrett



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Sweet! it'll be great to see a drifting sc here in the states


Dammit! This will be sweet... how much does a fully gutted sc300 weigh? i wanted to do this


wow, Pfeiffer is a great driver. he was good with the underpower AE86, i can't imagine how he'll do with this monster. good luck Alex!


alex p doin the damn thang


But will it blend?


For those who would like to see the build from the start and current updates, he has started this build thread:



How many beers will it hold in the trunk?


he's baaAAaack!


isnt alex a judge?


Good stuff Alex!!! Much different from your AC equipped RHD S13 you debuted at NOPI AZ! hahaha

Hope to see you around soon buddy!!!


Alex will never finish this car. Too busy getting drunk and being a bare knuckle fighting Hawaiian!

http://www.ihatealexpfeiffer.com/ - this website proves it!


speedhunters is great the last days i searching the web for some nice soarer pics and vid and now speedhunters show some ! thats great thanks 4 the good work here @ speedhunters



The Soarer is heavy isn't it?.....we will see how it turns out.....

1000 hp? Probably from a 2JZ......big turbo.....good luck !


the chassis prep looks top notch.

1000 hp is a lot more than i would think is needed. why not approach this with a high torque high reponse 2Jz engine.



far out i wish drift australia or D1NZ had a mean as soarer............


After reading the whole 9 pages of the buildup process.....too bad Alex (Pfeiffer) didn't/ doesn't have time to stich weld the entire frame, and add few more tubing in key areas; like the rear shock towers, thru the firewall into the front shock towers,...and maybe add gusset plates to the B-Pillar....those things would have helped strengthening the whole chassis.....something to consider since Alex wants to use a 1000 hp engine.

Just a thought.


dam... painting everything 1nsane


Wow.... Alex Pfeiffer going back to FD? Its been a while since I last heard him drift in FD, when he was using the RS*R S2000.


lovin' it!

I like his Ziptied build better though.


Thanks guys for the comments.


Conventional wisdom says that time starts to slow down as you get older, but for me I'd say the opposite


Conventional wisdom says that time starts to slow down as you get older, but for me I'd say the opposite


So, what about that car? Mine's will be in the same state in a couple of months...1280 kg are quite light for a Soarer, but for those 1000 bhp, way toooo light :)