Random Snap>> Awd Golf Iv

I was reading the Performance VW magazine and saw that they had chosen a Dutch vehicle as car of the year, of course that made me proud so I went searching for more and came up with this picture. The MKIV is a AWD drive  turbocharged car thanks to a G60 charger and a Garrett Turbo, resulting in a 500bhp engine. The other car is a Corrado , but I do not have any info regarding that one yet, but I just emailed the owner so I hope I will receive a confirmation so I can shoot the cars at his garage. Stay tuned….

-Jeroen Willemsen

JD Engineering



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That garage is immaculate


The garage smells of one that has never had actual work done in it. It serves as a car museum on the side of a house. I want one.


I want a garage like that too.... T_T (Checkered linoleum would be cooler though ^_^ )


Can you tell that Jeroen is discovering European cars? :>


Judging by the hood it's a G60 corrado, and it has Audi door handles fitted on it, looks very nice.


as for the Golf, it's probably an R32... and i don't know how likely it is that there's a G60 on it. the G-lader superchargers are very old school technology and i'd be incredibly surprised to see one on a Mk4. If they started with a 1.8T and fit the big turbo, 500hp is plausible, but if it is indeed an R32 then in that case there are multiple twin-turbo setups making easily upwards of 500hp, with the most famous example being the HPA R32 out of the Vancouver area (Surrey, BC) with something like 650hp, all-wheel drive (the car was also in Gran Turismo 4)


i REALLY like the colour and wheel choice on the golf, and ideally i'd have the same on the Corrado (but with a VR6 hood, they're nicer ;))


word to the wise: never get a VW guy talking about VW's, he'll never stop ;D


nice garage


Odd as it may seem, that Mk4 does indeed have a G60 charger fitted to its 1.8t, along with a BIG turbo. There are some dyno runs of it on youtube, and a few other pictures floating around. Jeroen Dik is the man when it comes to all things G-lader, and although it's unusual, it's a pretty cool combination.


Damn ... So Hot !!!


Wow, that's the complete opposite of the Mk1 from a day ago, eh? I've always had a soft spot for Corrados, too; such cool looking cars. I'd like to see the engine bay of the Golf with the G-lader and turbo fitted.


@Blueslug, Like Golf_RSR said, its a 1.8T with a G60 supercharger and a Garrett turbo. Just wait untill you see the immaculate engine bay ;)


very nice garage there. love the wheels setup on both cars. What's those on the corrado?


sorry TURBO & G60


Hello Jeroen , pls. post some more info about this AWD Golf .... I am into golfs etc. and this woul be very very interesting. And again thanx boys for the job you do here on SPEEDHUNTERS.COM :)


jd engineering


so I checked it on the dutch forums and the enginge is definitely with TURBO and G60,

so GOLF TURTO G60 :)

take a look here :



I think those are Racing Hart CP0350 wheels on that Corrado, but i could be mistaken.


What a pretty blue...

Is that mystic blue?


The Corrado is probably without an engine at the moment, but it had a 360hp+ G60 16v in it once upon a time. =)


Forget the Golf, show us more of that Corrado!! (^_^ )


Heh, both the mk IV and the Corrado looks nice IMO, can't wait for the photoshoot....

Also I might add, we need VW month stat!!!


I've seen this car 2 times in Holland and it looks as good as it does in the pictures!

For all I know it's a 2.0 FSI engine with ahuge turbo and G60 charger.


This is the website from the owner.


Correction: it's a 1.8 20VT


the golf is an g lader and turbocharger at the same time :D and it has the running gear and engine from an audi A3( hopei.m not lying it-s an 2 liter engine ) .The engine bay on that car is immaculate!!!!

the best golf EVER for me!!!!!