New Cars>> Geneva ’09- Lamborghini Murcielago Sv

Press day at the Geneva Motor Show does not start until Tuesday, but some cool new cars are being announced ahead of this. The new Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 Super Veloce (we will call it SV from here on in!) is one such car.

The ‘SV’ is faster, lighter and more powerful than the standard LP640 with power output increased to 670bhp. Top speed is claimed to be 212mph (342 km/h) with 0-62mph in just 3.2 seconds.

Styling isn’t quite as dramatic as the Reventon, but the designers have ensure it stands out from the LP640, which isn’t a tame looking car either!

At the front we have a new front bumper with leading splitter in Matt Black (see how the manufactures are now catching up). Air intakes are increased to help cooling for the brakes. The tops of the front fenders also incorporate new air outlets.

At the rear a dramatic rear wing is mounted high above the engine cover. Lamborghini will offer two styles of rear wings for owners who don’t want to be quite as extreme…

…Its all relative I suppose!

A two level diffuser in carbon works with the wing to control downforace at the rear. Surface areas of mesh grilles have been increased to aid cooling from the engine and exhaust system.

Hot air can also escape from the stunning engine cover. A transparent polycarbonate panel has three seperate levels which are open towards the rear.

Its not an Italian sportscar unless it has Alcantara!

The ‘Super Veloce’ nameplate has a long history with Lamborghini, having made its debut in the late 60’s with the Muira SV, re-appearing on other models including an extreme Diablo in the 90’s.

I’m a big fan of this car and prefer it to the Reventon. Love the contrasts with the yellow and black on the show car. Just think, the Lime Green hue would make it even more over the top!

-Andy Blackmore

Post Script:

Two new images added from the show floor.



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thats beautiful, wish i had boatloads of money


absolutely beautiful
i defo looks better that the Reventon
im a fan of the Super "Veloce name" too & im sure this will live up to the name


oh sh!t, this is f@king hooot...i think im in love=D

Desktop 1st and 3rd foto asap plz, heheheh!!!!!!!


we can only do desktops of our own images Mr Addict, but I expect a site like Serious Wheels will come to the rescue.


I like this car better than the Reventon, it just seems longer, and more "racey". I've seen pics of it in black with orange trim, and it looks fantastic. Although nobody can ever afford them, but hey thats alright. I can appreciate the mona lisa without buying it.


Joe - The Grey and Orange car is the new LP650 Roadster, a different model to the SV, but equally dramatic. Personally, I'd have the SV, but if Lamborghini were to offer one as a runaround, I'd put up with the LP650 LOL


Maybe it's just me, but Lamborghini's don't look right with a wing. It just ruins the gorgeous lines of the car in my opinion. Still looks incredibly sexy. In a comparison it does look better than the Reventon in terms of look for look, but the whole "Stealth Fighter" style the Reventon has is still incredibly special and different.


can you stil get a big SV written on the side?


another overpriced under-performing all show and not enough go lambo....


Eheheheh.... I can only say that i'm proud of being italian, sometimes =)

Talking about Lambo's names... Did you know that "Countach" means something like "WTF?!" in pedemont dialect?


Hmmm, bright color, check, huge spoiler, check, dark contrasting panels, check, hmmmm, lamborghini is going back to the roots, i'm liking this, they always beautiful, but it's finally stoped being conservative ever since Audi took over, awsome


212mph, not enough go?

Liamsil80 - I'm sure at that price, a owner can organise that themselves :)


that chick definately has 212mph hair lol

but i kinda agree witht eh under performance, like only 212? might as well pay half and get a Koenigsegg

i still think it's very sexy though, definately made for a collector


This is amazing, finally an update for the Murcialago, looks amazing even though they didn't redesign a lot. One of my favorite parts about this new one, is they took the front scoops from the new Gallardo and took the engine cover from the Reventon. Overview-Amazing.


..Speedhunters, any picture of the other rear wing?

'that chick definately has 212mph hair' --- you got me cracking, headbanger.


^^somebody was gonna say it sooner or later lol


Press day at the Geneva Motor Show does not start until Tuesday, but some cool new cars are being announced ahead of this. The new Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 Super Veloce (we will call it SV from here on in!) is one such car. The 'SV' is faster, lighter