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Here on SpeedHunters we celebrate car culture in all its many forms. We venerate the places where motorised magic happens and surely the old Hendricks' Field, now called Sebring International Raceway is a worthy candidate for inclusion in this list. However as anyone who has visited the track outside of the 12 Hours event would attest that it is a pretty uninspiring place, why should this be so? Same location, same corners, same bumps but little to raise the pulse. Perhaps because the most important ingredient is missing, the unique, irrepressable Sebring fans. So I would like to pay a small homage to arguably the greatest sportscar fans on the planet.

I have been lucky to cover the 12 Hours on several occasions and I have always been given a warm welcome by the citizens of SIR and nowhere more so than Turn Ten:

Back in 1999 I was a new boy on the ALMS scene, most of us Europeans were, so on the Friday afternoon I bumped into a couple of blondes who were in search of some fun. Before you think lucky dog, the blondes in question were JJ Lehto and Tom Kristensen, but hell it was the best offer I was likely to get. Then or now.

We were all intrigued about the fans camped in the infield, so having a few hours to kill, this being before digital cameras and waiting for something known as film to return from the processors, I joined the two stars on their golf cart and like Columbus and his crew we went exploring.

TK and JJ were team mates in the lead BMW V12 LMR and have always been good comapny despite their legendary status, Kristensen has so far won Le Mans EIGHT times and don't bet against him achieving double figures.

At some point in the proceedings I think the two of them signed for La Bamba Racing…………not sure where that contract ended up……………

The boys got into the true spirit of Sebring………….

Back on the 50th anniversary race, I was lucky enough to get a ride in a B17 while the race was in progress and from 3000 feet you get a good perspective of what the temporary city of Sebring International Raceway and its inhabitants is really about.

It all kicks off for the fans on a Wednesday when at 7.00am they get allowed in through the gates………….the queues now start on March 1st.

It used to be a bit different, the record for earliest arrival was set by a Saab driver who arrived on Christmas Eve one year armed only with 20 cases of Fosters and two Bassett Hounds……………….

After a period of furious construction the temporary city takes shape and the good people can relax on their grandstands and begin their traditional persuits involving refreshment both liquid and solid.

The second hand furniture and thrift shops in Florida do a roaring trade in the run up to the race as everyone attempts to get comfortable.

Of course there are some casualties along the way.

This little charmer did a dance on the top of a motorhome directly opposite the pits, when the hooligan soup took greater effect and she revealed even more, the cops arrived and bundled her away to the on site jail to regain composure…………..this did not sit well with the pit crews who were enjoying the display.

Not all the natives are friendly and some have imaginations more in touch with Dante than Disney.

Here again at Turn Ten with several GT drivers.

The guys in cow suits are New York lawyers allegedly, and who knows why the Spurs fan is in Sebring rather than White Heart Lane, Michel Ligonnet has no idea I'm sure.

The props reflect the tastes, preferences and mood of the citizenry.

Any comment from me would superflous………

Checkers with chasers…………fine style

Too many games and things get wiggy………………………..

Back to Turn Ten and the Amazing Randy shows off one of the most important machines in the catering process, a gas powered margarita maker………….this one was also scrutineered to compete at Petit Le Mans

What would life be without whole deep fried turkeys?

Possibly the weirdest event that I have witnessed was a renewal of wedding vows between two T10 regulars……………here is Norm, the maid of Honour

Bride, Groom and the Reverand K Kong……………….

Not sure that the wedding photo will make it to the cover of Bride magazine.

Plus ca change………………..

Joining in the fun are the press……………….

Remember folks don't drink and drive……you might spill it…………

All joking aside It should be on the radar of any SpeedHunter to party at the Sebring 12 Hours as soon as they can…………it is a unique experience………..

John Brooks



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I'm going to have nightmares tonight....


Do these people even have time to watch the race? I would be partying all day long. Very cool post John


man i just wanted to see more pics of the redhead with those giant knockers


That was scary. Is there something in the water down there?




That must be quite a...... unique... experience.


Anyone else intrigued by the prominence of that chick's nips in the first image???


the chick in red top in the first pic must be really really cold,


i hope to see some pics of the top of the hill when the basthurst 1000 rolls around down here in aus.

just as many characters only more booze and more burnouts :)


LOL Rod!


Great article John, very fun stuff ;)


Yes you do get to see a lot of racing. Yes you also party all day long. I fly out from the Netherlands to be part of this genuine experience, and its worth it. Wouldn't want to miss it for the world.


It's all a bit much for me. I chose to make my departure at around 7PM the one time I went. Too many nut cases.


lol the first thing i noticed about this gallery was the chick in the red. looks like an awesome time thou.

should i be the first to scream fake?


John, Thank you for stopping by Dodge City, it was great to see you again and Thanks for the post. Excellent work. See you next year! Dennis