Gallery>> Testing The 2010 Falken Tire Ford Mustang

Here are some pictures of me testing the 2010 Falken Tire Ford Mustang Monday in NC. Enjoy!

I couldn't be any happier with where we are at this point in time with the car. My crew has done a great job.

It seriously can pretty much drive backwards on high speed entries and it accelerates while in deep angle insanely fast!

I cannot wait for everyone to see and hear this thing live. I am pumped for Rd. 1 in Long Beach! Rock out!

- JR



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V8 Mustang power + JR = W I N.

Even though I didn't like the '10 Mustangs, it's starting to grow on me (seeing it in the Falken livery helps a little, I think).

GOOD LUCK IN '09, JR! (^_^ )


GL vaughn!!!

i really hope either vaughn or tanner (again) take the FD title this year over the douche crew of sam "drift ya later" hubinette and rhys "rally driver" millen


looks good, really cant stand those wheels tho!


any chance you'll be a D1 chicago this year? i definitely want to go to FD NJ though, maybe a road trip is in order..


the body kit needs to look beefy-er


Do you plan on having a bodykit by Long Beach? I really liked the 3D Carbon kit you had on the old car.


Thanks all!

I unfortunately a body kit will not be developed for a while. We are working on it but remeber the car isn't even out just yet. I'm pretty content with the stock body for now. I think a front lip would help too!

I will not be running D1USA this year. Make it out to Jersey!!! Stop by the Falken pit and say hey!


i see like testing of this car every day on internetz, wheres the vids, i wanna see/hear this thing in action!!!


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car is sessay

but the wheels arent!!! go back to the all white TE37s!!1 the chrome lip is clashing with the badass