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Less than a week from now I'll be back home in California eating at my favorite burger joint for first time in nearly a year and a half, but right now I can't think about that stuff too much as I'm trying to focus on keeping the posts coming while at the same time helping the wife with moving preparations and last minute packing.

For this post, I want to quickly share with you something I spotted last week when I was visiting HKS. As Saitou-san was showing me around the place, we walked by one the company's many R&D garages where I caught a peak of this red S15 Silvia sitting within.

I immediately recognized the car and before Saitou-san could say anything, I was instinctively heading towards the gleaming red Nissan.

"Oh yeah, Nobuteru Taniguchi's personal S15 Silvia is here right now", he said. I asked if it was OK to snap a couple quick pics, and he said it was cool as long as I edited out the license plate number.

We don't want any crazy JDM stalkers showing up at NOB's pad, right?

I don't think I'm alone when I say that this car sets the standard for what a street-going S15 should be. Fantastic style and balanced performance in a road legal car that's clean enough to be showroom new. What more could you want?

If we did a top ten list of the best Silvias of all time, where would this car rank? I'm thinking top three without a doubt….

Automotive-wise, Japan goes through fads faster than a confused teenager, but I know that in 30 years from now this car will be looked at in the same light as a Hakosuka GT-R or S30Z on a set of RS Watanabes.


If you can take your eyes off the Silvia for a moment, I want to see if anyone can identify the car on the lift on the background.

Ok, have to go for now. The guys from the secondhand shop are coming right now to take away to the table I'm sitting at!

-Mike Garrett



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I think this car is so much sexier without a huge wing on the back!


Wow. The Vertex red paint is just amazing to look at. And yeah, NOB's one of the best drivers in Japan, it's only fitting that he owns an amazing car to match his amazing driving skill.


I think that the white iron on the left is a Honda Insight


best street s15 ever built


That's what it looks like huh? I'd have to say Prius as well.


just notice the honda-badge. it's an insight.


*points to screen name*

The prius has different tails.


One of the best s15's ever, period!


Yes, top 3 silvia's possibly. Love it! I like how the graphics are a subtle color that doesn't distract...


Honda insight !!!!


Definitely one of the best looking S15, I like everything about it from the small decklid spoiler to the wheels, maybe except for the front eyelids.


Yep, it's a new Insight. Only been on sale for a couple weeks but HKS is already working on parts for it.


It has always looked pretty good.

I think I liked it best right after he changed it over from the yellow.


My number one S15, a shame it has lambo style doors


yes, like what the guys above has said, one of the best street s15 out there. but would have preferred it with the stock black headlights instead of the body colored one here. and lambo styled doors???


Just incredible. I love subtle wings like that, flows so nice


all it needs is a drifting spoiler on the back and a carbon hood and it will be complete also deep dish rims would look better but even like this looks like 8 out of 10


LOVE THIS CAR! #1 street silvia of all time. NOB's S14 and 180sx are #2 and #3 :)


Toyota Caldina GT4?


What is a "drifting spoiler"?


*What BH said.* Sorry Poly, but I'm gonna have to say this is the world's most perfect S15. I wish Mike could have gotten the LED tails! That's where the action's at, lol. Other than that, there's not much else to say. The pictures tell the tale, top to bottom.


This silvia does have an fully built HKS engine if I am not mistaken. its cannot be a standard car for a street car. A dream car maybe


what car on what lift?


He has got this for some years,she doesn't change,I love it!

The car in the back is the new hybrid Honda Insight... That can be cool in HKS.


amazing s-15 one of the sickesst i ever seen nice paint job niceee


prius on the ramp, honda badge isn't round, different shaped window to the insight, as in the notched bit above the badge, reflectors in the bumper etc..

and that silvia would definately be in my top 3


the car on the ramp looks like that new honda fcx clarity.

they should roll the fenders and put some 5zigens. lol

...and maybe a k20/hybrid? that would be cool.


is your favorite burger joint In-N-Out?? i have been out of the USA for two months and im dying for a double double. its the first place im going when i get back to SD. have a safe trip.


weird, i just emailed dino's j style for a larger image from the pictures he shot of this car and now there are more images of it here. awesome, by far my favorite s15.


oh and, wallpaper please? can't feature an amazing car like this without wallpaper.


love this car.


a "drifting spoiler" is when someone tells you takumi wins the next race... or when sam hubinette reveals a car.


That is simply THE best looking street S15 EVER!

Nob has had it for quite some time too, hasn't he? It's nice too see someone that isn't CONSTANTLY tinkering with a near-perfect setup.

This is definitely in top 3 S15's, and the D1GP Hyper-Genki S15 belongs there too, so i guess that makes Nobuteru Taniguchi the "Silvia King" ?


NOB S15 FTW!!!!!!!!!!


One epic street driven S15. The carbon mirrors add a gt touch while the rest of the car has a time attack, drift , and wangan feel. Just brilliant. Seeing NOB's Silvia in the HKS garage just makes me wish that cars here in the US were kept as well as the ones in Japan.


Taniguchi has some of the cleanest S-Cars around, especially with that Ferrari style paint colour.

ADVAN's look sharp too!


Hey did you guys know that this car has Vertical doors? Thats why the fender has the small clear area where the vent would've been. You can see the mechanism that makes the door open vertically through the fender. I wonder how many of you will think this car is too ricey after knowing that. Personally I still think its kick ass.


the car has gullwing doors not vertical doors people


That S15 rocks.

I reckon that is most likely to be a rotary powered Prius! : )


WOW......S15 have never really been one of my favorite cars till now!


desktops please?!?!?!?!?!?


im from new zealand and wish i culd see that sik sil in real life,dont see anything like that drifting or on show CHOICE.


Wow nice car. Theres alot of silvias just like that style here in Brunei. :)


I have always been a fan of Nobuteru Taniguchi's red Vertex S15 . But I truly became hooked when