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Things are getting down to the wire as Formula D teams are finishing up their cars and getting in that last bit of testing before the season kicks off in Long Beach less than three weeks from now. As you might remember from the announcement at SEMA last year, Falken Tire is going to be fielding a very strong team for 2009. One of the new cars that will be wearing Falken livery this season is this 350Z Roadster, which will be driven by Tyler McQuarrie.

We just received these "spy photos" from Falken which the show the the new Z undergoing some testing at what looks to be Lowe's Motor Speedway in Charlotte, NC.

As we stated during our news post back in November, Tyler's new Z is powered by a Daytona prototype-spec V8. The car has been development for quite some time now, with the car originally appearing at the SEMA show back in 2007.

The Falken Z has been a long time coming, and we can't wait to finally see it in action next month on the streets of Long Beach.

-Mike Garrett



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What is it with convertibles?


Good-looking car, but the fitment is wack.


Hahah I can't believe that Tyler can even see through the windshield! Good Luck Tyler! Miss ya buddy!


wow in the first pic it looks like the gayest z33 vert ever...


Andrew, wtf else kind of cage setup would you recommend they use? Roll cages are not just ricer bling. Aside from certain exceptions such as the longitudinal A pillar buttresses used in the BMW Motor Sports E46 for example, curved sections of roll cage are a terrible idea. Every tube, especially the tubes used in the roof section, either represents a load path through which some measure of force may be distributed in the event of a rollover or it works to reinforce a load path.

I assume you are referring to transverse B pillar roof bar more so than any others. Is that right? Well, if that particular bar was curved to match the roof line it would be a weak point as the bar would flatten in a rollover which would cause it to push outward on the vertical b pillar bars. The only thing you should think when you see a roll cage is "hey, that thing looks like it will save my ass."

Thinking of a roll cage as a cosmetic piece is just an example of everything that is wrong with our automotive subculture.


I sucked at Lowes.


mechanically it looks impressive, although at the pics show, apparently its very difficult to come up with a cage that doesn't ruin a convertible's overall apprearance. Square cage on a rounded-edge car?


These pictures make it look much worse than this one,


no disrepect but, why are formula d cars so ugly? and why does everybody feel they have to put a v8 in a 350z to be competitive? tanner foust won back to back formula d titles in his twin-turbo vq35de 350z.

anyway good luck for the season *thumb up*



Get wider wheels.

Stop making drifting gay.


OFFTOPIC: I don't get why people in formula d always complain about how they need 3 feet of clearance to the fenders and the ground to make their cars perform. I always thought you could tighten suspension.


@ John:

I ask myself that question all the time....haha

Maybe because they're not as good as their Japanese counterparts?

I remember Hibino literally jumping his AE86 at the Ebisu Circuit a few years back....landing sideways....and his AE86 was

Oh well....


jeez little to no sponsors


I hope all the smoke in the cabin isn't goin to affect him too bad especially in the battles :)


Everyone's a critic!

Nice photos, loving the smoke and the opposite lock. Ther'es something hot about drifting a convertible. <3<3<3


not a huge tyler fan.

and z33 is becoming boring.

and a v8 swap cuz thats original.


Holy schomkes!!!

Well I wish good luck to Tyler on yet another season with a different car! Hahahaha, can't remember how many times he changed his car throughout the season. Not the best looking 350Z vert out there, and it seems like Falken is trying to copy Chris Forsberg's car, with the same 350Z vert + V8 setup....




Mr. E.G. --Yes I agree with having a structurally sound cage to protect the driver. I also understand that rounded bars for use as a stuructural support can be weaker than triangulated bracing you have applied. The challenge with this particular car has to do with the way the car is shaped vs. the shape of the cage... from the pic of the top bar as it meets the B pillar bars, somehow the shape seems to not match with the roofline. Maybe its just a funny angle. As long as the driver is protected, great! Given other cages I have seen on 350Z convertibles, this one is not too bad, however it clearly points out the difficulties with making a square peg fit a round hole, figuratively speaking...

Either way good luck this season! I'll be out there supporting you guys.


and so another sucky FD car is created.