Gallery>>carspotting In Odaiba Pt.2

OK let's continue where we left off yesterday with some more weekend car sightings from the mean streets of the Odaiba.

The idea of saying goodbye to Japan is leaving me with mixed emotions. On one hand I'm really going to miss being surrounded by the "exoticness" of Japanese car life, while another part of me is looking forward to the freedom of being back in the USA where I can enjoy luxuries like owning a project car. Not having to pay over $50 in tolls to take a 90-mile highway trip is going to be nice as well…

OK enough of the gushy stuff. On with the car pics-

It's a bit hard to tell in the photo, but the guy driving this Fiat 500 took off from the stoplight like a complete bat out of hell. Right now, the 500 would be one of my top picks for a satisfying afternoon drive around Tokyo.

I had to do a triple take to determine if this was an actual VW transporter or a converted Japanese van. Even after being here for well over a year, I'm still amazed at the kinds of classic cars you see driving around on the streets of Japan.

I heard the sweet sound of carbs and turned just in time to this car pass me by. I was thinking it was a four-door 510, but some of the details look unfamiliar to me. Anyone know exactly what model this is?

The first Toyota FJ Cruiser I've ever seen driving in Japan. If you want to drive one of these on Japanese roads you'll have to get a USDM model from a private importer. I'm not sure why Toyota doesn't offer these in the home market.

Caged R32 Skyline pulling off the Wangan. I'm sure my buddy BH will be happy to see the Veilside sticker on the quarter window.

Watch as your wildest JDM fanboy fantasies come true. Not only did this car look the part of Takumi's car, but it sounded just like it as well.

Note to Mazda: PLEASE bring the Demio (Mazda2) to the US market. The current generation Demio sport is one of my favorite Japanese compact cars ever. Even if they don't import it to the states, at least the upcoming Ford Fiesta shares a platform with the Demio. Can you see the resemblance?

Corvette and Escalade. Wait, what country am I in again? I guess I need to start getting used to seeing these cars at every stoplight again.

Finally, another Brabus Smart. This one was actually spotted outside of Shimbashi Station.

I'm really going to miss doing these kind of stories while I'm in the US…

-Mike Garrett



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How much a VW Bus coast in Japan or in USA? Here in Brasil it is so comum like Volvo cars in Sweden... I could make some money!


Damn headache! I mean worth instead coast...


...and we're gonna miss these stories from you too, Mike :( On another note, I'm no Initial D fanboy, but that replica looks so immaculate and clean, it's yummy! VW buses are sweet too, it's really cool looking at the mix of vehicles on Japan's streets!


Man, that Panda AE86 looked like a carbon copy of Initial D's except for the stickers in the side! So awsome...

Also would love to get my mits on a VW Bus and modify it... I would be an awesome road trip vehicle!


That white R32 is just so......perfect



That's it dude. I was studying that pic like crazy trying to figure out what it was.!



You can call me Mr. Wolf.

Love these entries. I remember one of the most magical car moments for me was late at night in Shinjuku and in heavy traffic a Stratos rumbled by in full Alitalia livery. I still remember how day glow those wide Camagnolos were.



Mike, when you come back to the shitty roads of California, then I guarantee you will be missing Japan ;)


500 in Japan! That's a limited edition 500 Diesel Jeans version.

The Demio have the platform in common with the Fiesta... while the Ka have the Fiat Nuova Panda platform =)


Can we have a desktop of that R32 please. =D


I love that Hachi Panda.... I agree Mazda 2 needs to go to US.

Howbout a 500 Abarth for a nice and loud drive around Tokyo.


Garrett, your cover of Japan's car culture will be deeply missed. =(


Nice one, another great collection of photos: you finally found a real VW Bus. :D

Just they have right hand drive Escalades? They've started selling them in the UK I think, but only one dealer in the whole country.


Dude, what the hell is a Cor-vette?


Every car pictured is clean!! If that were UK where we have had a bad winter, then every car would look quite grey by now :D

I'm glad we get Mazda 2 :) its also my fav compact car out there atm, along with the new fiesta. Great styling!!