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It's hard to believe, but just nine days from now I'm going to be back home in California. I've been so busy over the past several days working, packing, and preparing for new life in the USA that I guess it's just starting to hit me now. Before I head back, I still have some cool Japanese material to post though. Last weekend when I was in Odaiba shooting photos for the Megaweb and History Garage features, I also spent some time on the streets taking snapshots for another one of my "car sightings" stories.

Being a popular leisure spot and central Tokyo's only real "seaside" area, you'll see lots of cool cars cruising around Odaiba on weekends. It's the perfect destination for a nice weekend doraibu (drive).

So what kind of cars did I see this time? A bit of everything really, spanning from microscopic Smart Cars to hulking Hummers.

In the famous parking lot where the D1, MSC, and JCCA events are held, I spotted a group of four Toyota Celica XX's (AKA second generation Supra). Seeing just one of these cars "in the wild" is pretty rare, so I was amazed to see this many of them in one spot. Obviously an owners gathering of some sort.

Also found this clean EP91 Toyota Starlet with a set of gold Advan T7 wheels. If you look closely you can see a pair of bucket seats inside. I tried to show a little love for these cars during Toyota month, but I still don't think they really get the attention they deserve.

This vintage Honda Life was putting down the Wangan. Perhaps coming from the classic car show that was happening down the road in Yokohama?

Here's a shiny red Dodge Charger SRT8 bringing some Hemi muscle to Tokyo Bay. In the USA a car like this a commonplace, but it's got a lot presence next to the dull taxi cabs and minivans that fill the streets of Tokyo.

I'm finding that doing panning shots of cars on the streets can be just as fun as at the race track. 

When I see cars like this MKV Volkswagen GTI, I wish I could have spent some time investigating Japan's watercooled VW scene before moving back to the states. Will have to add that to the list for future trips…

A little lux action with this Crown Majesta cruising in front of Odaiba's high rent seaside apartments.

All the talk these days is about the Z34, but the Z33's are still great looking cars with a few simple upgrades. This car's VQ35 was making some nice noises through the Fujitsubo Legalis exhaust system.

And finally, a blinged out Hummer H2. Right now these things are probably more popular on the narrow streets of Tokyo than they are in the USA…

More automotive finds from the streets of Odaiba coming soon.

-Mike Garrett



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Love that vintage Honda! Man, driving cars like the SRT8 or the Hummer in Japan must cost a fortune!


i would love to see somebody parrallel park an H2 in Japan lol

thats a pretty nice pic of the Civic, decent car too, not too much, just perfect


This EP91 is soooo attractive !! I REALLY love it !


Is that Z wearing SSR's or Work's?


It looks like the Z is wearing Work wheels.

How much is the price of gas right now in Japan? 185 yen per liter?....crazy.


i absolutely love the EP91 Starlet Glanza V
i would love to have one in red with black TE37


Did you notice the different wheelsizes on that little Honda? I think it's 10 in the front and 12 in the rear. I'm wondering why?

The Supras are hot, especially the white one in the front!!!


I think I did see that white Celica XX somewhere before:

That Celica XX belongs to the topic owner, so perhaps it couldn't have hurt to talk to the guys in the parkinglot after all. ;)



I've been waiting for some more Celica XX stuff.


the starlet just doesn't get enough light sometimes........ they are very fun little cars, i have an EP82 turbo. These little 1300cc turbos can run down light tuned or moderately tune RX7's and Evo's, such fun little cars


My roommate has an EL31 Tercel coupe with a EP82 4e-fte swap. It's an absolute blast to drive surprises most of the more expensive cars that try to play with it. Few people realize that the Tercel and Paseo share all their engine, transmission, and suspension parts with the Starlet and Sera.

Nice shots of the Celica XX club. You should interview Satoshi some day about his 1G-GTE swapped Celica XX.


Two years ago when Tokyo for two weeks I saw more H2 Hummers with dubs and enough chrome to cover a fire truck than I did Skyline GTRs. Along with the H2s, there's also an infestation of Escalades and Navigators. Somewhere an Gan-san is crying.


thank you again for capturing a glimpse of the japanese car life in japan. the picture of the gathering celicas is sentimental--something that i love to see. great to see those late model cars running around the motherland. thanks speedhunters!


<3 EP91, I've never seen that bodykit before: works very well.

That Crown Majesta is AMAZING.


i love that aristo in the background of the 2nd pic haha i love japan


hummers are awful, even in japan


White EK9 and Crown Majesta stealing the show in my eyes. nice shots. I love the 'carspotting' posts.


Cars go so Clean in Japan.

one of the reasons i love that place. hope to go someday


Cars go so Clean in Japan.

one of the reasons i love that place. hope to go someday


Nihon ga daisuki! Tokyo e ikitai da ne!