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I am hearing that a lot of the US GT class ALMS teams are quite worried about the potential of BMW's latest racing weapon…. in the car's debut at Sebring last weekend, Muller and Milner pushed it up to 2nd place before the M3 retired with a drive train issue…. BMW never do things halfway, so it's likely only a matter of time before the team is a regular visitor to the winner's circle.

You know where to find the shot yes?




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Are they lights or stickers on the by the door?


BMW won't really be looking for wins this season, more of a development year. GT2 is a tough class, Radio Le Mans said as much today, but as you say BMW don't do anything by halves. Personally, I think their biggest problem will be the Rahal Letterman team....


Anyone who dismisses BMW is a fool. Corvette are going to find it just as hard when they go to GT2.


I note the ACO has now approved the car as a GT2 car (harder to get agreement, than you may imagine)...Le Mans in 2010???


Captain Pugwash: Excellent name! These are lights. Each class has different lights. Lights show if you are 1st, 2nd or 3rd.


BOB: I would tend to agree, Mario Theissen knows his stuff and will be realistic in his aims. Remember, most ALMS races are a fraction of Sebring, so if they can get the reliability, they might do well later in the season. Also likely if Porsche teams have so many problems,like Sebring. Very good comment about ACO. Must be a reason why they are testing a chassis in Europe, eh?


The three bright stickers next to the door are actually LED lights. Kind of ironic that the last sentance is about BMW never doing things halfway, I heard that same qoute during the Sebring race when SpeedTV was interviewing the competitors. lol. I think the rest of the GT2 grid also worried about the Prat and Miller Corvettes who will be entering the same category this year. But it will be interesting to see how strong they are since the majority of the time they raced themselves only in the GT1 category. Rumor has it that a team will enter Audi's new R8 GT car sometime later this year. This will be interesting to see. Probably the hottest ALMS category this year is the GT2 between the Porsches, Ferraris, BMWs, Panozs and Corvettes. Can't wait to see it unfold.


The Audi R8 LMS (to give it, its correct name) is a GT3 car, and that wouldnt be competitive under the current rules + it would be racing against Porsche and the board of directors will never agree to that


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