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Yesterday I was browsing through the official Super GT website looking for news on the upcoming season when I found an announcement that Suntory has teamed with Super GT for a new promotion. Starting this week, selected cans of Boss Coffee will come with free Super GT mini-cars. Since this a "while supplies last" sort of thing, I quickly headed down to my local Family Mart to see what this was all about.

Sure enough I found a whole bunch of them sitting there in the coffee section. I ended up bringing home a few of them and thought it would make an interesting post as we look towards the start of the 2009 Super GT season later this month.

This is what they look like before you open them up. A simple plastic case attached to the top of a coffee can. For the price of about 120 yen, you not only get one of these Choro-Q sized cars, but also a delicious can of Boss Coffee. Can't beat that, right?

If you buy two cans, you get an even bigger (1/64 scale or so) GT500 car.

The Nissan GT-R, Lexus SC430 and Honda NSX are all represented, with about 18 different liveries in all. For the smaller cars I went with the Woodone Clarion GT-R and the Eclipse SC430. Obviously these aren't high quality replicas, but what do you expect for something that comes mounted on a coffee can (at no extra charge!)?

It's actually pretty common to find these kind of freebie collectables at Japanese convenience stores. You'll find everything including toy cars, miniature trains, anime figures, or other kinds of nerdy stuff.

I thought it was cool that you can even get the test car versions, as shown here on the "big scale" NSX. They are also friction powered so you can send them flying down the floor if you'd like.

Being able to walk into the neighborhood convenience store and pick up cool stuff like this is another thing I'm really going to miss about living in Japan.

OK, time to go find some extra room in my suitcase for these babies…

-Mike Garrett



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Save the room in your suitcase and just send them to me!

I can't believe you're headed back to the states. If I get out of here, I'll never come back....*NEVER*.


I wonder if these will be available in the states at any of the oriental markets. I get some Boss coffee on occasion whenever I stop in.




oh great !

why i live in france .....


Those look like Choro Q's !

Man, if i ever go to Japan i probably gotta take 2 empty suitcases with me just for the stuff i'll want to bring home ^_^'


Thats it... I gota move back sooner rather than later........

in the meantime.... hopefully Nijiya or Mitsuwa...


@touge Dude I should chk those 2 places too : P


This is coffee? or it is "coffee" mena, it is like normal coffe or it is something?


Maybe its too late for that, but someone should start a petticion to keep mike in japan! My dream is to live in a small prefecture near a good touge, work my ass off at daytime, and rip the road on a jzx or other big chassis car at night! and Mike get to do that or at least see that on the daily bases! Mike! you don't need to go back home! you're allready at home!


I love family mart!!!! haha


Thanks for the heads-up Mike, I picked up a bunch today!