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When I was walking through the Grand National Roadster Show last month, I spotted this Buick Riviera parked outside the exhibit halls. I didn't even know what kind of car it was at first, but I was just drawn to it. I thought, "damn, this is a car you'd expect to see in an old gangster movie." I seem to have an affection for low, mean looking cars, no matter what kind of car it is.

I'm not even a Buick fan necessarily, but I just love the simple and elegant body of this car, with the nice detail in the bumper, grill, headlight covers, and hood ornament. The front end of the car definitely looks mean, as if it's scowling at you. I love that.

Inside the car, I was shocked to find such a showroom clean interior. I think about owners of cars like S13 240SXs, NA6 Miatas, and EF9 Civics complaining that the interior pieces of their cars are rare… but just imagine what it must be like to find mint condition interior panels for a car from the 1960s or 1970s. I love that wooden trim on the center and shifter consoles. And just check out how clean the carper is! Awesome.

Love the seats! This Riviera was certainly high end and luxurious for its time. The big mean, two door with separated rear seats, with a console in between… and the seat leather (or vinyl?) looks super incredibly clean. Great color choice, and I love the detail on the seat back.

Look at the super clean body lines of the car. The exterior moldings appear to have been shaven off, as have the keylock cylinders. Clean shaven is always nice. Nice OEM flares out fender lips too.

This Riviera is so gorgeous from the side. Sitting on wire wheels and whitewalls, the paint color couldn't be more perfect for this car. It sort of looks like the new beige hue on the new Toyota FJ Cruiser. I'm sure die hard retro Buick guys would be pissed to hear that I compared this car's paint to that of an FJ Cruiser… but at least I didn't even begin to say anything about the wheel fitment. Haha, just kidding!

-Antonio Alvendia



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Super tough ride.


I adore the Rivera, the front end reminds me of the front end of a naval boat. Love the paint on this, but Id love it even more if it were in the weeds


That event was at the NHRA museum in Pomona? You guys need to drop in on their first wednesday of every month huge car show/cruise in. 300 cars or so, big. and its the big high dollar cars mostly from socal. Great show to hit each month!


What an awesome change of pace. This is a clean clean ride. I love the tail end and how the taillights are integrated into the bumper VS. into the tail fins. Love the color and the cleanliness. Good find.

I'm a big fan of the boat tail Buicks. The rear window glass is a work of art in it's own right on those monsters.

Good work!


I love the 65 Riviera the best year of them in looks. It was the only year for the hide away head lights in that body style from 1963 to 1965.Keep upthe kick ass work guys. BOOOSH!


Black and chrome. slammed. red interior. done.


That's one amazing car: look at the lights!


Rivs are one of my favorite cars. Especially the '63''65. Some of the cleanest, best looking cars from the early-mid '60s. They seem to suit many styles, this one seems to straddle the line between lowrider and traditional kustom. Personally, I wouldn't want it any lower, I'd wanna drive it every day!


Great looking car!

I need a Desktop of this ;)


I love the '65 Riv. After looking for years, I finally bought one. For pictures of a slammed Riv, see the former owner Brett's Car Domain site (

The respected Bill Mitchell of the GM design group penned this car (after seeing a Bentley in London), and it received many design accolades. The clamshell head lights were part of the original design, but were not implemented until 1965. It is a powerful personal luxury vehicle, that needs to be seen in person to appreciate its beautiful flowing lines. The original look of my car was purposefully retained, while some modern updates have been added. The original 401 "Nailhead" V8 has been rebuilt. The exterior has received new silver paint, and some re-chroming. The only visual external changes the Centerline rims, and its stance due to an air-ride suspension. The interior has been modified to incorporate LED lighting, audio, video, and hidden gauges/ switches. There is much I could say about my beautiful Riviera and its design and history. For more information please refer to the Riviera Owners Association (, and the national Buick Club of America ( I enjoy the 1965 Rivieras' graceful lines, subtle beauty, and timeless design. To me it represents the pinnacle of 1960's American car design.


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