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I have seen some badass drift cars in my life but none of them came from Holland — until now, that is. Lennard Wander has made one of the most stylish and aggressive looking cars to date, and I salute him for that. This car has also given me the opportunity to finally take my own pictures for a Speedhunters feature. I even bought a new camera for this shoot, the Sony A300. I must say I enjoyed every minute of shooting this car, thanks to Lennard and the overall style of his car. Let's have a closer look and see what this car has to offer.

It was raining all day long so when I arrived at Lennard's garage he offered to go to Falken's warehouse where we could shoot in private and under a roof. The car was bought from the infamous Dan Joyce (known for his antics on the TV show Dirty Sanchez) after he imported it from Japan. You can see the ‘original' car on the Driftworks forum here. The car already had a fully built SR20 but Lennard wanted more and started working on the car with a good friend of his, Albin Droogsma, who is an expert in full chassis preparations. More on that later…

The exterior of the car features a full BN Sports blister kit that includes the front and rear fenders, sideskirts and the front and rear bumper. Let me tell you, this car is wide and, with a setup like this, the fitment of the wheels is paramount. Luckily for Lennard he owns a tire service shop that he started together with his father.

A shot from the side reveals how wide the front fender really is. The offset is spot on.

The car came with a set of Koenig 18" wheels but they seemed a little too small in the rear. Lennard opted for a set of SSR Agle Strusse in 18"x12 with an ET of -35. These wheels have a dish so large you can fit two iPphones side by side with ease. The tires are of course made by Falken and come in size 265/35/18. Behind the wheel you see a 4 pot JBT brake with a 355mm rotor — these fill the wheel perfectly.

In the front, we can see the ‘original' Koenig wheels in size 18"x12 with a ET of -15. The tires are the same size as in the rear and again we can see a JBT caliper but this time it's 6 pot with a 355mm rotor. Up close these brakes look really beefy and I'm sure they're are up to the task at hand.

Inside the interior, there's a Sparco seat for the passenger but Lennard treated himself with a Porsche bucket seat thanks to his mate Albin. The extensive roll cage has been made by the same man, Albin. He has his own company called Front Row and specializes in everything that has to do with the chassis of a car.

To keep check on all the vitals Lennard uses a Yashio Factory water temp meter, AEM air fuel ratio meter and a bunch of STRI meters including boost and oil temp. I can't get used to the Momo steering wheel with two bars, but I guess it helps when you are drifting. The hydraulic brake and the Wilwood brake bias adjuster also helps in getting the car sideways.

Let's see what that carbon hood is hiding.

Yep — that's right, a fully built RB26. I also brought some Speedhunter stickers with me so Lennard could rep our favorite automotive blog.

The engine has been made ‘bullet proof' and is force fed thanks to a T70 turbo that connects to a massive intercooler. The turbo was so big that Albin had to make custom arches. Normally, you would see those arches in a full circle but now they have been made in such a way that there is enough clearance for the turbo and the wheels.

Another cool feature is the custom front end. You can remove it by unscrewing four bolts to remove the hoses. This way, you can easily access the front of the engine and perform some maintenance or adjust the pulleys.

Lennard used a Tanabe suspension and mounted a carbon fiber strut bar amongst other things that are kept hidden under chassis.

The oil filter has been relocated to the front and oil is cooled by this oil cooler

This spoiler has been handmade by Albin's father and adds a nice touch to the rear of the car. Spot the Speedhunter sticker ;)

Here is the man himself, Lennard Wander. Thanks to him, I can be proud of at least one export product that will hopefully see a lot of drifting track around the world.

Lennard wanted to thank the following companyies that helped build this car: Falken, Rockstar, JCP Performance, Koetswerk, Factory Stickers, AW Motoren, Front Row, Wanders Bandenservice.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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why cant formula d cars look like this? :(


Oh my gosh! HOT!!...looks like he isn't short of tyres!..


S14's are way too sexy !!!!!!


S14's are way too sexy !!!!!!


Definitely not the best looking Falken car ever. It is nice though.


Nice shots! but in the article you said momo steering wheel when its omp, that just being nit picky though, cool car!


cool to see you shooting Jeroen!


the rear brakes on this car changed my life.


It's good to see some photos from you Jeroen and the subject of your début speedhunters shoot is rather snazzy.


Really nice to see how his new car turned out! :)

I was already wondering what he would come up with after the Skyline.

I know someone called Lennert Wanders who owns an AE86, so seeing the name Lennard Wander is always very confusing for me! :D



That Just Freaking Cool,

I feel That Would Have Become A Beast Now With those looks and the power


Great car, but what's wit the rear rice lights.


Nice Car, good luck


Rear rice lights?

I think we all know who the real ricer is now...


what wheels are on the front


Good job on featuring this car, actually just the after i first got to know of it ;)


YAY S14!! Badass Coolant Reservoir bottle

I want a sticker!!


His previous car had an RB25,it was an R33, I forget what trim.

Nice pics, Jeroen!

That rear spoiler is seriously cool.


Why the need of the RB26? A simple stroked SR wouldn't be enough?


@Alex: an RB26 sounds a million times better than a droning SR.


lennarts new car is "the bomb" if someone ones to know what happend to the firenza r33 just have a look at our site "driver andre bruin",

i'm sure lennart is oke whit it!!!!


Car looks so good, cant wait to see it and drive against it at JDMallstars Newcastle U.K. !!! Scotty


Jeroen! You're my hero, pics are awesome!

This car is crazy, especially when he pushes the throttle in 4th gear. This useless thing eats 265/35-18 intermediates and driveshafts for breakfast. The ridicoulos engine is build by Andre Wever of A.W Racing Engines and his work made the project complete.

Wanders, you're teammates of Falken Europe and GHETTO SUPERST*RS wish you the very best this season...

Was nice meeting you Jeroen, see ya when our next creation is finished!


damn thats sexy loving the wide body


wanders your car is sex, its going to be an unbelievable soundtrack with remmos V8 and this RB26 in JDM this year, by the way Albin i love you man you rock

Mikey name a current falken car that is a nice, maybe calvin wans S15 ? but the rest are far off, Jr's Mustang,Darrens saturn ,Tylers 350, Dais IS350, are just modern day builds

the above car is gangster, like a true drift car should be built, redicklous engine and , aero, and mental wide wheels


Dang Jeroen, you need to break out the camera more often man. these shots are better than the ones you usually post That are from other photographers. :)


Nice one!

Can't wait to see it smoking a lot on Zandvoort ODC Round1 this month.


wanders and albin, well fucking done you crazy bastards.

to everyone else, these two dudes are some of the funniest, most awesome guys you could ever meet.

Albins has prepped chassis for me and i couldnt reccomend him highly enough, i want to bring him to Japan to do my car here.

Wanders is just crazy. Do not let him drive your car, LHD or RHD he will make you feel stupid about your own driving.


trop bien j aimerai avoir cet voiture tunique de fou


trop bien j aimerai avoir cet voiture tunique de fou


trop bien j aimerai avoir cet voiture tunique de fou


trop bien j aimerai avoir cet voiture tunique de fou


where do i get those front wheels?


Thanks everybody for the possitive comments, already making new appointments for photoshoots ;)


Damn Jeroen, one of the best s14's I've ever seen!

possibly one of the best looking dutch cars too.

i always love the falken livery, and combined with rockstar graphics it's just sick!

lovely car lennard.


is exeptional


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One of the most extreme S14s I know is this one owned by Lennard Wander. I spotted this in 2009 and I