…. Or should I say, the future was there?… Someone mentioned the Espace F1 in relation to the Renault Megane Trophy yesterday so I thought it would be fun to dig up this video clip…. This F1 powered, mid-engined monstrosity certainly makes the VIP style vans coming out of Japan look a bit tame doesn’t it?

I remember reading an article about the Espace F1, back in 1995 where it was stated the car would do lap times as fast as a Group C prototype…. imagine that!




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Look at the focus and fear in his eyes of driving such a monster.

I believe this is the first time I've ever seen a thumb-shifted system.


If I recall, didn't Ford have a van's body draped over the body of a Courage race car? It followed this concept.


Yes the Supervan.... it came first.


Duffman - Yeah, Ford did a series of 'Supervans' in the 70's and 80's, but I cant remember if the last one was Courage. They were always a bit home made....and a van.


The Espace was something else, very high end. I remember seeing it in the flesh at the British GP, complete with a demo drive at lunchtime, unlike the video Alain Prost wasn't driving though. Amazing sight.


I think its run up Goodwood hill a few times.


Hehehe, I still remember the first time I heard that, and my buds pointing ti to at GT2 (?) hahaha


I love this van, its a shame they never used it. It actually kind of reminds me of the guys who drift previa's/estimas (any good vanning features plz?).

Anyone know the vans location now?


mmmmm takes me back to the Gran Turismo 2 days.... haha


800hp, 14k rpm redline.


I never saw the Espace F1 as a VIP van...

But now that you've mentioned it, I think it would look really nice! After removing that rear wing, changing the color scheme and adding a set of deep dish VIP rims of course :)


figures, Renault and french lol well i understand what they were saying, 18" wheels, pretty sweet


The side profile reminds me so much of a Mazda MPV, shame I can't find photo's of that one with the 20B crammed in it.


My dad had one of these, without the engine of course, but it was still pretty fast without the engine (made with fibreglass), Italy to England in 24 hours: most of which was done at 125mph on French motorways. :D


That's awesome, I remember that in GT2.