Let the debate continue hahaha…..



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Ok regarding the styling agan.. people saying its got to much wheel gap and dosent look drifty styled anuff... well right in the Vid here it states its plans for Drift, time attack and hill climb.... therefore it has to be a verastile desin..... but I think Im stating the obvous.

But no matter how its styled... Id soo much rather watch this thing slide around in Red Bull Livery than a Solstice.


Sounds rad, can't wait to see it. Wish it had a bit of a cooler street look, but whateves. By the way, anyone that saw this car at RBDWC and didn't think that it was gonna by rhys's car next year, TOld YOU SO!


watch out with that baby dirt drop you don't want to crack your bodykits and mess up those RPF1s. You know how rare and hard to find those wheels are


still ugly. Looked better in the superbowl ad

sounds nice though


Agree, that body kit and livery have had too much red bull. I guess its fitting. ;) haha But I can't disgree with the way that tihng was movin' on the black stuff. I like that its an all around car. How cool would it be to have an "All Around Competition" (ok, the best name is All Star Bash but that's already reserved for that ASB Drift events), that would include drift, time attack and drag (hill climb is just time attack on a hilly dirt road). Anyway, I'm loving the Genesis Coupe.


Here is what I want to debate, FD courses suck. No more parking lots please. Places like the horse thief mile and such are much cooler.


enough of this car.

(it does sounds pretty nice tho hehe)


haha this blog entry! was an asshole move. I love it.


it's still a hyundai


Comon this thing is +500BHP, looks like he's out of power at each exit...oh well maybe he was on his Time attack setup

Multi tasked car = fail!


horse theif is slow and for beginners. get real


The Nissan VQ sounds soooo good in there!


ok so horse thief is for slow people then I want FD atlanta to be turns 1, 2, and 3 at road atlanta.


I like the looks of Rhys Genesis Coupe, and it sounds a lot like a Aston DB9 drifting .


Oh look, RMR built a rally car. AGAIN.


Sounds really good.

Funny how Tanner is switchin to POS Scion with inline 4 from V6TT. And how Rhys switched from inline to a turbo V6.

Championship vehicle anyone?


Still has no style


It is ugly as *uck!!! But all of you will be pissed when he takes the championship for 09'! Just a prediction :)


Is there really a vq in there?


Like I have said and told people before formula d killed drifting the day it was fathamed.


The exhaust note sounds better then sex.


Street style street style, 2001 2001, sexxy knights, ! get over it ! it been 8 yrs since they ran normal cars even in D1 ! GET OVER IT ! dont care if its ugly or what , its in a level where its suppose to be at

I picked up a Modified mag yesterday and saw RHYS actaully PUT ALOT OF WORK in this car !! his own hands and have SOME STYLE FREAK , ruin it cause he thinks its NOT " Street Style"and its NOT COOL and have all of his followers agree !

look ! let the STYLE and the PRO Level be ! that was a stupid thing to do !

Im not the only one tired of BH and the rest of these gay bloggers just talk way too much about style and stance and whatnot! you wanna be hardcore GO street drift LIKE THEY DO IN JAPAN ! and actually put in work so itll be " Street STYLE"


The real question is, will this car do backflips along with drifting, rally, and road race?


I think Rhys's car looks rad as hell.


Sweet car. Im happy for Hyundai..... Lets hope we see the same from other companies (cough, cough, TOYOTA) Good work from everyone at RMR!


Is it just me or was he getting about half the angle of your average asb roots drifter?


i read somewhere (edmunds insideline IIRC) and apparently that isnt the 550hp 4.1L motor in it and it was built just for the chicago show just to announce the partnership. the real car is actually still being built by him and his team...


This car sounds awesome. It could be bit more street drift-cred style, but i'm sure its made to work really well. Does it really have a nissan motor? Also, why is this video filed under Drift Alliance??? We aren't announcing Rhys as our newest driver until the season starts!


HAHAHA damn Tony, did you recruit Rhys as one of the new Drift Alliance Aces? I'm sure JR will love that one! hahaha

I think the car sounds pretty good too. I agree with you on street cred styling, but Rhys doesn't care about that because the professional "racecar look" and performing well for sponsors is most important to him and RMR. Either way you look at it, RMR always builds high level, high quality, well engineered cars for rally, racing and drifting. And Rhys is a very capable driver, no matter what car he's in - JZA80 Supra, Mitsubishi Evo, Pontiac GTO, Solstice, Hyundai, or a full Marionette-spec FD. In the drift world though, he's one of the guys people love to hate, but he runs a professional program and keeps his sponsors happy apparently.

Anyway, glad to see all of you guys posting on here!


I think that the car looks pretty sweet, if you ask me. And it's being driven pretty well in that movie too. I wouldn't go out and buy a hyundai, but I would certainly drive that thing if given the opportunity!