Real quick, I just wanted to post up this video that I just watched on my friend Freddy’s Myspace page. Freddy and his crew are from New Jersey, and they’re into old school Toyotas. Check out this amateur “home video” that I got from Freddy’s Myspace, which shows some pretty awesome and FAST Toyota drag monsters from the East Coast. The footage is from E-town… aka “Old Bridge Township Raceway Park” for Jersey representers who are familiar with the official name.

I love watching these old school Toyotas show the newer cars what’s up!!! The first time I ever saw cars like this in action was in 1999, when I visited Atco Raceway with my friend Dale. Since then, I’ve only been to drag events with old school Toyotas a few times, but I can’t wait to get back and see more.

Much respect to everyone out on the east coast giving the west coast draggers a run for their money! Privateer teams, pro draggers, and enthusiasts, Speed Lounge crew, Toyminator, and Eat Sleep Race… the east coast has heart!

-Antonio Alvendia



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lol neat seeing old-school toyotas racing at the home of Waterfest ;D

i like the track there the seating is quite good compared to what we have available here in southern canada


man i love the little drag starlets and mangos. Theres probably more rubber than steel on those cars...


lol Puerto Ricans can make some bitchin fast drag cars. It's pretty should look into the mitsubishi's that they build.


lol, penny racers.


Antonio please go to the pan-american nationals in atco,new jersey this summer take pics and post them up on this web site!!!nothing but fast drag toyota's nissan/datsun's and mazda's!!!! the only drag event i will every go to!(Way better than pinks)


WOOT WOOT PR representing... we have some of the worlds fastest cars here... i have a few videos and some toyotas that i think would be good to feature in your blog, but my camera is broke and im using a point and shoot... any problem with that? i'd be happy to make a drive and take some pics of the cars and ask the owners for some videos, i know it's toyota week and we have some fast drag hachis and supras...

let me know if you guys are interested id be happy to help out! =)


I'm from PR, there are def some sick oldschool JDM rides in PR. Even in the Bronx, NY puerto rican communities you will find many many oldschool rides from japan.

Makes me proud (tear)


search for the kb110 rotary drag cars from Puerto, some stupid Datsuns from there


We did a bit ages ago about PR on Retro Scene Mag :

Hopefully will do a follow up this year :)


I miss English Town. :(

Whenever there was a race, my father and I use to go down all the way from Astoria and not get back till 2 in the morning.


They are fast as hell but they blow up even faster haha :P


What's up everybody I'm Freddy the one they got the video from. I love these old school Toyotas. Who ever is into the facinating world of old school Toyatas should not miss the Pan American National. It's a great place to meet people and share ideas. You can also see the awesome work and time that people put into their cars. The crew and I are from New York City. By the way, this Speed Hunter site is pretty cool.