I’ve been looking around to see how to get involved in rallycross events in Southern California, and accidentally stumbled upon this video on Youtube. I think KP61 rally cars look like they would be pretty fun, yet dangerous because of the small size! Especially when you do JUMPS with them! Such a short wheelbase car, and so light, flying through the air like that! Crazy!

I love the car in this video too. It’s an early model (zenkl) Starlet – possibly a 1979 model? It’s the round headlight version, which Filipinos refer to as the “ibon” (bird) Starlet. I don’t understand why the round headlights make old Filipinos think of a bird, but maybe if it’s flying through the air like it is in this video, it makes sense…?

-Antonio Alvendia



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Personally I prefer the lights of the late model.


Amazing jump! :)

ZenkL? I think you mistyped the letter i there, ti should be zenki. ;)

The bugeye starlet is indeed the zenki model, produced from 1978-1980.


The KP's are extremely popular in amateur rallying over here in Finland, and have been really competitive as well. There's at least one domestic tuner who has got over 200 horses out of the 5K engines they use, so the evolution has gone far from what Toyota intended. :)

Speedhunters should come over to Finland and do some more stories about the rich motorsport culture over here!


i dunno why the most pinoys prefer to call it ibon as well. :P

i love the starlet. its really my dream car. especially back in the old school slalom days on the CCP complex here at the Philippines. :-P


Silver_S12: Can you pls email me some contact info on some Toyota TE27, AE86 and/or KP61 builders in Finland??? That would be AWESOME! antonio(at)driftingbook(dot)com

Thank you!!!

AEkyuni: hey are ibon starlets and/or the front fender/hood/facelifts pretty rare in the Phils? i would imagine so, but if they are available still, maybe i should try to buy some parts!


Hats off for the driver's bravery!


These KP starlets are really popular here in New Zealand as rally cars too. I currently own the facelift 84 model (slant grill, drop hatch) and its great fun. The KP Starlet went through 3 different front end styles, the 79-80 (we call it the 'bugeye'), 80-83 (non drop hatch) and the 83-85 (drophatch)



yeah. the ibon parts are hard to come by. its pretty rare and they dont come cheap if eve you get to see a set. i dunno but the ibon look kinda makes the front look a bit smaller.

PS: ibon is pronounced as (ee-bon) just in case if some guys were wondering. ^_^


Its an 1882 model, kp61 is finlands used rally car on f - cup(Finland - cup).

- Sebastien