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Last year I wrote an article on the 'Chris Hodgetts Motorsport' Corolla AE86 which won the British Touring Car Championship in 1986 and 1987.

Recently a new member, Eircamae86, joined one my favourite forums, and shared this great piece of advertising from Toyota GB. In the UK, this car was called the Corolla GT Coupe.

I remember this advert in the magazines of Autocar and Motor back in the 80's. In these days, Touring cars had a closer association with their road-going counterparts, but, maybe not to this extent. I suspect the BTCC champions arrived at a circuit in a race transporter!

You can read the original article on the BTCC Corolla here

Keep your eyes pealed on Speedhunters for a car feature on a very special, looked after AE86 race car later in the month.

Thanks to Eircamae86 for the image

- Andy Blackmore

Speedhunter's car spotlight on the Corolla AE86 BTCC race car



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SOOOOO COOL! Awesome find Andy! Do you know where I could buy a print copy of this ad for my collection? I'm surprised - I've never seen this one before!


I have another one for you in a few days Antonio :)

No idea where you could get it, but it was in UK magazines in 1987 (its a 87 livery), so magazines like Motor, Car, Autocar, maybe if it existed then, Fast Lane


I wonder which Toyota forum Eircamae86 isn't member of. :D

By chance I came across that topic on some time ago when looking for spa-24h pictures of hachi-rokus. Amazing amount of pictures of the good old days!!

And I wonder what very special looked after AE86 race that would be? Definitely not my old Trueno I sold him. Maybe some car with a half hachi-roku in its VIN? ;)


OMG !!! :))) My mom used to own a TOYOTA Corolla breack, just like that red one in the picture! It was such a reliable and fun car... She used to throw around on the streets and scare the crap out of cad-drivers:)) Very funny:)) That car was abused, going up the mountain with it, in mud, rainy roads, driving on huge rocks as well as a lot of asfalt action. The amazing thing is that the car refused to give up! She just wouldn't die (not that that was the intention). Maybe not as popular and appealling as the AE86, but it has a special place in my childhood memories:) Peace !!!


More of this please!!!!!


This is TOTALLY sick.


i pretty sure this is the coolest thing i have ever seen


The coupe looks nice, I should have intensified my talk to possess a Citroen BX...


i want to cry


Well, printing advertisement is more powerful marketing method as compare to classified ads as you promote the brand.