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The JZS161 Lexus GS300/GS400 (Toyota Aristo) is definitely an extremely popular car for modifying in the VIP car scene. Especially here in Southern California, we can frequently see very nice examples of GS luxury, slammed with great looking wheel and tire setups. This trend especially came about because some of the original fixed-up car guys from the sport compact scene (guys that were street racing in the 1990s) began getting a bit older and needed a bit more luxury or automotive sophistication in their lives.

I took this particular photo way back in 2005, for a trade catalog that was created for Falken Tire and its many tire dealers across the nation. I thought it would be cool to put a well stanced Lexus like this parked in the VIP valet line, right outside of a popular bar in San Diego's Gaslamp District. I love creating images that show the way cars relate to daily lifestyle. After all, it's not often that people bring cars like this to the racetrack, or park it in an empty parking garage, loading dock, or other industrial area. Come on.

The owner of this car, Anthony from the AutoFashion crew in San Diego, put these machine faced 19 inch Work Euroline DH wheels on his GS, with Falken FK452 tires stretched over the wide wheels. It's hard to imagine that guys like the AutoFashion crew in San Diego had sick stanced luxury cars even back in 2005, because kids are just starting to come around NOW. That was almost four years ago!

I wonder if some of our readers remember a few years back, when people used to criticize deep offset and stretched tire style on message boards, saying things like "it hurts performance" or "Thats dumb. You want as much rubber as you can get on the car" and things like that? You even hear these types of comments from some of the readers on this website! However, these people are slowly coming around. We will change the world… 4 wheels at a time.

Props to Anthony and AutoFashion for sticking to proper values. These guys have been putting the San Diego car scene on the map. It's all about Eurolines in the 619. San Diego, stand up!

-Antonio Alvendia



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Nice GS! you guys had my friend's newer matte black GS up a while ago. Glad to see some nice VIP cars.


Wow. I worked 1.5 blocks away from this place at Hotel Solamar, middle of the gaslamp. I sure miss San Diego


the writing and attitude of this article makes me want to eat babies it is so fucking stupid


lol! that's Antbo for ya!

619 forever.

people are still getting the swagger with wheels wrong.

i miss 2005.



We've had some looong nites there...I'm sure you were there with us, right Antonio?

nice car BTW.


@ Kyle....I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking about how poor the quality of this article is. (not surprising anyway).

One of the reason why I don't bother so much reading Antonio's posts is because this type of articles.


hellaflush! thumbs down on the haters...


Stretched tires are undeniably retarded, regardless of what you put them on - be it a VIP style Lexus or a DTM style MKIV Golf GTI. It's simply stupid. it adversely affects cornering performance and stability, decreases the size of your contact patch for accelerating/braking, and gives the car unpredictable handling characteristics.

It looks like crap.

But at least it's not donked out!


No WAY! Some people just don't have style. Stretched tires are great, especially when the wheel is wide with good offset. Some people still don't get it, but that's okay. That's why their cars don't look cool.

Cool photo and blog post. I agree with ap1paul, thumbs down on the haters. They talk all their shhh but they're such fans that they can't stop checking the website every day.

I love Speedhunters!


I meant this as nothing against Antonio or speedhunters, he's a good photographer and usually a good writer, it's just that every once in a while his concern with being "legit" and concern with "street cred" gets in the way. I have nothing against stretched tires either, it allows the wheel fitment that gives some of my favorite cars the look that makes them interesting.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA thanks for the comments Kyle! Hehe, ya know, I often forget to realize just how many people from different walks of life read the stuff we post on Speedhunters. In fact it's kind of funny, the way you worded the comment about being legit and street cred. haha! =) Constructive criticism noted, thanks for reading the site anyway! We appreciate the fact that you like it enough to visit, man!


he sold that shit a long time ago.