Random Snap>>usjdm Bb?

Happened to have the camera with me the other day when I saw this Toyota bB at the mall. What struck me most are the wheels, which are the DAMD x Head "Lover Soul", a rare wheel highly desired by Honda and Scion owners in the USA. When I saw the wheels and the billet grill on the front, I thought the owner of this bB might be going for the so-called "USJDM" look, which is based on "JDM style" cars from the United States. For another example of how dedicated some of the USJDM guys are, I recently saw a photo of a bB in Japan complete with an imported set of 15" Sport Max wheels and a Yakima roof rack to nail the "SoCal JDM" style…

-Mike Garrett



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I had no idea that the Japanese guys were importing Sportmax wheels and roof racks. That's really weird how we strive to be ike them and they strive to be like us. I know a few people here that would kill for a set of those Lover Souls.


Thats pretty funny,,, i never knew either. Is this the next new fad?


Mehhhh, you know, i gotta say, this Toyota month is not coming any where close to the quality of Mazda month. Most of the action on here this month has been about a Hyundai. Not saying its bad but you know, hopefully the 2 weeks we have left will be better for Toyota fans.


Sport max? Geeeez....


I agree with Section09. And, rare wheels or not, that car looks like ass.


I think it would look better with the window visors removed and lowered maybe 1.5 to 2 inches. And I'd have it in pearl white.


They call the US JDM style "USDM" in Japan.


Just to ad, this has been going on for quite while now. Some guys will take their Integra Type R and down grade some external parts to look like a US Acura Integra that's trying to look like a Type R. It's become that insanely detailed of a market.


Is JdmUSjdm next?


http://www.usdmjam.com since 04. so not exactly new!


they go hella far.. they even by US fast food garbage so they can have like in and out cups and trays in their cars


speedhunters is so cool