Random Snap>>the Tuner Car Afterlife

Last month I had the chance to visit the Veilside headquarters here in Tsukuba City with some friends who were visiting Japan for Auto Salon. I had been meaning to check out Veilside for a while, and I was able to tag along with them to see what was happening at one of Japan's most famous tuning companies. The showroom itself is quite impressive, but just as interesting is the collection of old show cars and race cars wasting away outside.

For example, take a look at this fully-tuned JZA80 Supra. I can guarantee the rust and weathering on this car is not the trendy "rat rod" look that's so popular these days, but genuine scarring from years of sitting outside through Japan's cold winters and humid summers. Only in Japan could a car of this level be all but forgotten about, and even more so, only in Japan could a car like this be left untouched by thieves and vandals after years of sitting out in the open…

-Mike Garrett



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I'll take it off their hands. :(


That Supra needs some resuscitation STAT.


I'll take the TE's if nothing else haha


Get it running again and leave it rat style. That'd be cool!


Give it to me, please =)


Haha Mike, you finally made it ?!


That's Mommy C's van in the background.


What a shame, I'd rebuild it.


What a waste.


I don't understand why they would leave it to rot? why not wreck it out? I mean c'mon, 2JZ; V160/161; TE's...what a waste.

I'm really impressed that no-one has stolen or vandalised it, it must be nice living in a country where people still have morals.


so sad :(


reminds me of Alexi's posts from last week




vandals....sad seeing this:'(


just the rims of that would be worth alot in any other country they certainly wouldnt be left on the car wen its life was over never mind the rest


Oh yeah, forgot to mention it has Alcon brakes as well...


"only in Japan could a car like this be left untouched by thieves and vandals after years of sitting out in the open..."

So true, a car like that sitting out in the states would be on blocks in 4 seconds.


I'll give 'em 500 bucks for it.


Those cars are begging for new owners. Wish they could let go of the car and let someone tune it or something. Sad to see only Japan could do this to their cars and yet other countries would do anything to get their hands on one of those cars.


Sad. :( Seems like it was just yesterday when VeilSide was the equivalent of today's Top Secret.


What a shame Veilside.


I can't explain it, but that's one of the most interesting photos I've seen here, fantastic post.


For some odd reason i'd like that pic as a wallpaper...


veilside should sell them instat of let the rust take them


Today VeilSide has moved onto new platforms such as

Bentley GT

Flying Spur

Lamborghini Gallardo


Aston Martin Vantage

and still growing...


I think it looks cool, it must be the only Supra beater in the world.


interesting story. do they have more at the back?

i dunno, but im pretty sure that most japanese people just scraps their cars out or just sell them for cheap if they dont use them anymore. im pretty sure this car is just waiting for its 2nd life (a new project maybe?).



do a story on the Ody. it has history. It was RJ DeVera's mom's van. i think it was the first Ody that was turbo'd or something. It was given to VeilSide by Mommy C as showing gratitude for how the company helped RJ.

That Nissan car transport is also very rare, only a handful were made. How many times have you seen a transport with clear walls?


Man howwww sad:( That is waaay sad :( They could have at least put it up on ebay or something lol.

What a stupid waste to just leave it sit there like that. Makes me wonder how many more.... Yeah I noticed that about some tracks too. People just leave their broken rides just chillen there for YEARS.... I'd be parting out all the time. Cant believe they are just sitting there rusting out, not getting any love:( What a way to go...


the reason why they do not sell these cars and let them die here naturally is because selling ex-demo cars or shop "branded" cars is sometimes frowned upon by alot of shop owners or shop senpai. this is common with more traditional shops such as phoenix SPL, many cars just left in the parking out there in fukui. HKS is the same also. very sad.

but, part of japan car shop life.


Glad you could come with us Mike, shame you are leaving Japan


i wonder if squierrls made a nest in the engine bay :P