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I've been a member of the Club4AG forum ever since it was first started, almost 10 years ago. Club4AG is definitely one of the best websites to go to if you are interested in learning about AE86s or 4AG powered vehicles. They have a good community, and a great tech section, and a lot of involvement with aftermarket sponsors and event promoters. Unfortunately, ever since we began this Speedhunters project, I've been so busy that I haven't been able to spend much time viewing my favorite AE86 related sites.

I just spotted this Levin coupe on Club4AG last night, and I think it looks nice and mean! Having a mean looking car with wheel fitment like this is what makes owning an AE86 so fun. Of course, the car isn't painted to anything near showcar status, but the owner of the car has his priorities right. Rocking some negative offset, fat lip having SSR Mark III wheels, the owner of this AE86 made his 15inch SSRs look like huge visually because of the way the car is slammed low without any fender gap, with low profile 45 series Toyo T1R tires giving the "rubber band" tire look. Parking it on the grass makes the tires look even lower profile because it masks the bottom part of the tires. Don't you guys think his wheels look bigger than 15s? I certainly do. Cool look! In case you were wondering, the wheel size are 15×8 front and 15×9 rear, which require a very slight fender pull in order to work correctly.

Just when look at the missing grill and think his car isn't complete, let me explain that running the car without a grill was a popular look (on kouki AE86 Levins) in the heyday of grassroots drifting in Japan – especially in the 2000-2001 timeframe. I think it only looks right when the non-grill having car has the kouki foglights (as seen here), otherwise the space between the headlights looks too big. I think this car looks cool with the kouki foglights and no grill; it adds to the aggressive battle machine look that the rest of the car is projecting.

The front bumper and chin spoiler are OEM Japanese Toyota zenki version, with OEM Japanese sideskirts, a set of rare "half-sized" window visors (Anyone selling a set of these? Let me know!), and a Japanese rollcage. You can tell it's a Japanese market rollcage because the upper mounting point on the crossbar provides protection for the passenger, not really the driver. Let's just assume that the owner of this 86 is thoughtful, and cares about his girlfriend's safety more than he does his own.

I think more cars should take a hint from the owner of this 86! Handle the stance, wheels, suspension, and safety first… worry about paint later!

More 86s to come; you can expect AE86 posts on Speedhunters all month. Live the 86 Life!

-Antonio Alvendia




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I have always thought the straight axle rear end of these cars intrigued me. Because you can't get negative camber, it gives teh 86 a look all its own. To me, its sort of like the 87-93 Mustangs done up right. That boxy coupe look with straight up rear wheels. Anyway...cool mean 86.


best site ever, been a member only about 6 months, and all the guys are great


That is a great shot. I want a car that looks that hard.


Good post!

I can't wait for you to share some more of your wealth of AE86 pics, Antonio.

Please, tell me you're going to make a proper huge AE86 post!


Best site ever for sho'! I just wish that I could loggin like any other user and not have problems with my password any more:(( I have signed up for a week or so and I'm still strugglin with the matter. Not that I forget the password or anything, the site won't recognize it!


About the car.... Ahhh... big fan! Been wanting one of those, but really hard to get in these parts where I reside:-< One day, I was so down, not finding a 86 around and I saw ONE, ONE beatted up 86 parked near a comercial center. I think it was the only one in the whole damn country:))) Couldn't find the owner though... I never thought I'd be so happy to see a rustbucket:))) In fact all I saw was the pontencial.... the pontencial man! Great pontencial the 86 has (yoda-language)! :))) Long live 86! Peace!!!


It's rare to see a levin with such a stance outside of japan.

Nicely done!


Great post ! Looking forward for some more spacial AE86 posts !!!!


Where on Club 4AG can I find this car? I love it!!!


ATL SON! Justin's cars are always rad. Hes also got a nice Datsun 510 wagon a new top shelf S chassis project.


I love the coupes so much more than the hatches. Btw, the cage does protect the driver not the passenger as JDM are right hand drive cars


The guy who built and daily drives this car is awsome, and has really helped us alot with our hatch glad to see the east coast doin it up in the dirty dirty!!!!!!


Justin is a cool ass dude, should have got a recent pic though!


Thanks for all the comments guys! I would have never thought my little pile of parts would make it here!


Congrats Justin. Let me know if you want me to post links to the shots I got of your car from that meet. *thumbup*


Please! Some more info on this car. Its soooo rad!


i had one but sold it bcus had no money for another engine

since it was carburator n automatic


KillyBamp: thanks for the comment, but if you look closely you'll see that the car is a LHD car in the USA (Atlanta), therefore the rollcage protects the passenger. Not the driver.

Props Justin, your car looks dope! I'd love to see it in person next time I'm in Atlanta! Hopefully near a Cracker Barrel! haha