Random Snap>> Kp61 Starlets On The Winding Road

I love this photo. When I need to get my mind off things, I love to go for a drive, whether it be accelerating through turns on a winding mountain road or cruising a stretch of highway next to California's coast. I'm sure many of our readers also enjoy driving as a form of relaxation… which is exactly why I dig this photo.

What could be better than to go for a sporty drive up a mountain road with a good friend, especially if your good friend owns a matching KP61 Starlet? The cars pictured are zenki/early model KP61 Toyota Starlets (zenki models came out in the USA between 1980-1982). I absolutely love these cars – back in the say when I first began autocrossing in the SF Bay Area, the Toyota Starlets were out there pulling some of the fastest times of the day, especially with expert drivers like Archie and Jojo Collantes and Tito and Mert Solis.

These two Starlets look clean and gorgeous – in factory hues of white and yellow, without big fender flares to ruin the clean and simple appearance of the car's exterior. They both look great with the TRD roof wing, which is a must for Starlets in my opinion. The yellow one appears to have Hayashi Command 3pc wheels, and I can't see the Starlet in the front very well, but it appears to be running Panasports? Or maybe RS Watanabes. I can't see the detail in the face or the lip from this photo.

Anyway, I absolutely love the clean and simple look of these particular Starlets – clean body lines, a simple TRD roof wing, clean black Murakami mirrors, factory black stripes on the side, perfect choice of wheels, and incredibly clean, shining taillights.

Someone sell me a Starlet! I want to buy an early model KP61 again if I can find a clean one! For more information on Starlets, you can visit www.KP61.net.

-Antonio Alvendia




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Ugh, now you guys are making me want a Starlet. Great, another old car that my parents won't want me driving haha.


I know, Toyota Month and these nostalgics is also killing me. I already had the conversation with the wife this week after I test drove a nice (for 29 years old) 1980 Toyota Celica 5 speed for $3k. No airbags! What? Come on! ;) Thanks AA. Now, why can't Toy' build us some modern cars that are interesting, affordable and fun to drive. Geez! Too much to ask?


great picture ! for me driving is realy relaxing when i have to think about somthing !


Wallpaper please!


Could you please make this into a wallpaper big kp fan here


sorry! i didnt shoot this photo! no wallpapers of this one available!


antonio i live all the coverage of the old skool toyotas! i saw a kouki starlet today while on the road. gave him the thumbs up but hte guy who was like in his 70s just stared at my thumbs up hahaha


Tito Solis still has his starlet, but he hasnt raced for a few years. He said he will try and run sometime this year.


the best bit about this picture is the road sign


that sounds bad, the cars are awesome dont get me wrong but i like that they are driving on proper roads!


Great photo, I want to drive that road too :)


really beautiful!!!


wooo! we need desktops. :-(

im pretty sure that the yellow one has Enkei Apache's right there. ^_^

this car has been featured on our local car club 'grupo toyota'. *cough* ^_^

very beautiful cars right there!


AE92: are you sure those are Enkei Apache 2s? They look like Hayashi Command wheels to me. I've owned both wheels, and they sure don't look like Apaches. Does your local car club have a website? If so, link it to me! antonio(at)driftingbook(dot)com

The cars in the photo reside in California, not the Philippines BTW. I'm sure you knew that though.


*takes closer look*

come to think of it. i think you're right. :-D

sorry about that one. and yeah, they're from cali. ^_^