Random Snap>> Freshly Equipped In Hawaii

I said it before and I'll say it again. The state of Hawaii is one of the most overlooked places in the United States when it comes to car life. Maybe it's just because most car magazines are based in the mainland United States (most of which are in Los Angeles, New York, or Detroit) and going out to scout cars in Hawaii is a bit more difficult because of the cost.

However, thanks to the wonders of the internet, we're able to admire some really incredible looking cars, such as this Toyota Cressida right here, which is slammed low to the ground with clean white paint (is that original paint?!), stock body, and Work Equip 01 wheels. Would anyone care to guess the size of the wheels? 15×9? 15×9.5?

What's your guess? Any Hawaiian braddahs out there, if you know about this car, give us some info please! It's gorgeous!

-Antonio Alvendia



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don kno.. but its tastey clean


Very beautiful car! ;)

Too bad the X7 series never made it in large quantities to Europe, otherwise I would probably would have owned one right away! :P

I think the rims are most probably 8J.. I've seen some 9J on Bosozoku styled crestas with slightly extended fenders and they stand out from the fender more than these rims on stock fenders.


Banpei, I don't think they're 8J. I have the same exact wheels in 15x8.5, and the outer lips on this white Cressida look like they are fatter than the ones on my 8.5Js. Unless it just has more negative offset.

The 9J Bosozoku style Crestas with extended fenders might also be 9J with a more extreme negative offset possibly?


Very bad that I turned down someone's offer to trade in his Cressida with my Civic. I still rate Cressida is somewhat handsome than Toyota Crown, although Crown claimed that they were the most prestigious Toyota at that time.

The closest similar look to Cressida perhaps the Volvo 940/960 if not Nissan Laurel or Pintara.


yeaah ive seen this car on a forum

this car is from an 86 owner

if you remeber the hawii drift vids it was the brown one that was a beast at the track

if you wana find some bad ass cressidas go to Jzxproject.com

theres cressidas like youve never seen and Serialnine.com

Post Up More Cressy's !


What?! Is this Royce Fujimoto's car???? From Kaneohe? If it is, then for sure those are 15x9 Works, cause that's what he had on his brown metallic AE86! Damn, I wanna call him and ask, but it's pretty late at night right now. Maybe I'll hit him up tomorrow.


Wow, I'd never thought a Cressida could look so nice! I'm willing to bet that's NOT original paint. These older boxy Japanese sedans are rapidly growing on me, this makes me want to get a Cressida. Problem is finding a clean original one, most I see look like crap from being driven into the ground. Are these RWD or FWD, BTW?


its RWD and is made of win! :P


Another great Cressida! Keep it up!


bobberz: there are a few on sale on southern cali craigslist right now! they're RWD, and you can use a combination of AE86 and MA70 Supra parts on the car!


that is royce's car


This Cressida is so sweet...


would be sweet to own one here in the PI. but the Inline 6 and tha gas consumption will kill my budget. maybe a silvertop convertion would be nice but i dont have the budget for it. other engines like the 3SGTE or even JZ swaps are uber expensive here. a good ol KP61 will be fine for me. or one of those old boxtype/liftback corolla's. ^_^


haha. yea antonio, it's royce's car.


yup, Royce cressy. Funny I the one that took this pic of this=)


Cherry strawberry, brah.


LOL my ass is sticking out!


cheeehee for bruddah royce!