Random Snap>> Flush Scion

Just found a bunch of pictures of this Scion on Driftworks (take a look for more). When I scrolled down I was shocked to see a picture where the Xb had burned to the ground in a possible garage fire. I haven't got any more info just these pictures….. That would be the worst day in my life seeing my cars burnt. I hope the owner is okay and already planning his next car.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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WOW, what wheels are those? I'm surprised to see such rims in 4x100...


Clicked the link... If that fire is real (and not some mega expert photo shop) than that sucks Huge time.

What wheels are thoes? does anyone know?.. I love em.


Sad how this car got the buff of the fire, but the other car still has most of it's interior good.


That's bordering on ridiculous. No, I take that back, that IS ridiculous! I know it's a show car, but is it trailered? Or is it on 'bags? Otherwise I can't see how it could even move with fitment like that. What ever happened to suspension travel?


words cannot describe just how HARD my jaw dropped upon seeing this.... thing!


Those wheels are Weds Kranze Cerberus.

Popular VIP wheel in Japan for all sorts of VIP related cars...

BUT DAMN that fire sucks!!

This is is built properly, even the rear brakes are from Wilwood


That's amazing: the wheel rims fit better to the body than the bumper does!

Damn shame about the fire though. D:


That's MyBox's old box. It basically got destroyed right after he finished it. It's one a few great xB's that were destroyed by fire. I have a few pics of it on my comp somewhere. it was so beautiful, damn shame.


That is Sean Shokouh's car. Here is a link for more pictures [http://vipstylecars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1522]. He has a site http://www.luxury-bippu-style.com He has a new car now. JP LS430 For those familiar with JP, here is a little teaser


One great detail of that car is the WilWood 4wheel BBK. I believe 5 or 6 were made for SEMA. Mike Ma from M2-Motoring had one, no clue where that went. Steve from BBist sold his, this one, and there was one for sale on ClubxB not to long ago.