Random Snap>> Bmw Retro Racer

Funny how things can go, I was working on a car feature  and emailed the owner for some questions, he quickly replied with the info I wanted, but he also attached a photo of this car. A BMW E21 retro racer. Can you imagine that this is your second car? Just wait until you see his other car.

You guys think this car is feature worthy? Yes I know silly question…

-Jeroen Willemsen



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I certainly think this is feature worthy. The e21 is one of those lightweight 4cyl rwd cars that we all love but seem to forget about. I've always been temped to build one, but I have no garage for a true restore/project car and most of these are either trashed or are clean but quite expensive, so seeing a feature on one of these would be nice. future classic, near future.


definitively... what about a bmw month, some day??


Not really into old beemers, but this one loks interesting enough. Bring it on Jeroen!


That's a sexy little beast!


I love everything about that photo... that e21, and ALL the cars surrounding it!

I can't wait for BMW month.


Thats probably a 6 cyl.Even better. Where is that? The brown 2002 as a portuguese lincence plate.


@Fabio, its an old Dutch license plate.


Yummy, gostoso! Brint the feature man!


Definitely feature worthy - get it sorted!!


doooooo iiiiiiiit plz :)

I really like old-school BMW's, especially 2002/3-series


are those rims Tracer Tech1? if so, that is one of my favourite euro wheels (along with Tracer Tech2, Borbet T, BBS RS, and Schmidt TH-line)


as for a BMW month, i think if not that you guys should at least do a German month and showcase some super winning european dubs and audis along with some domestic-built BMW's like Jon Sibal's and such


Your are right Jeroen. Old portuguese lincense plates have the letters on the left side. Sorry.


We are planning a BMW month although it will likely be in the summer as we need to get lots of material ready for this month....


I think that plat isn´t from Germany and neader Portugal i think it is from Holland


Guys, as I live in Brussels lately, believe me, that three red letter and three red numbers (now in both ways, because they ran off the plates), is: BELGIAN ;-).

BTW: I have absolutely impressive pic of 2002 from the Ring. Can somebody please let me know, how this could be featured here?

I would like to participate at least a bit ;-)




It's a Belgian plate, and an "oldtimer" registration. Here in Belgium the authorities don't like us to fettle with our cars, we need a yearly checkup, and it's a real pain in the backside... With an oldtimer registration you only need one checkup and after that you can do anything to it that you want, but the has to be at least 25 years old, and you're not allowed to drive it at night, actually only when there are meetings... Hope I didn't bore you guys.


Would love to see a Speedhunters-style feature on this Bimmer.



@Onyx and Arlo we are referring to the license plate on the BMW 2002 :)


:-)) i see it now, thx Jeroen


Every time i see an old bmw on this web site I get really excited! I would be really happy to see a feature on this nmw and other bimmers


Need BBS vintage wheels! or ATS...

And about the plate it is not portuguese, because "UM" means "1" in portuguese, so this do not make any sense...


Love old school bimmers. This one was featured in a previous issue of Performance BMW. Have to say, it is one of my favorite BMW features.

I could dig up the spec sheets, but I wouldn't wanna give out any spoilers. Wait till Jeroen does the feature. :)


F! and S! I had one of those in 1998, just had 2" drop h&r's, before my s13. Would do it all over again w a 3.5 or a 3.0tt.


Yes, definitely, it is feature worthy. Pleas .



PS: SPEEDHUNTERS excellent jog in general


definitely feature worthy.

i love those broken sized wheels. it just screams sexy!!


Wow, love old Bimmers, especially 1600/2000/2002, but these early 3s are awesome, too! Yes, feature please!


Remember the BMW I posted a few days earlier? Here is his other car. The guy who built this car is Dieter


Remember the BMW I posted a few days earlier? Here is his other car. The guy who built this car is Dieter