News>>toyota-subaru Fr Still A Go, Dubbed "086a"

Here's a bit of news that not only fits with Toyota month, but isn't bad news. Surprising isn't it?

The guys at have some new information on the highly anticipated FR compact car being done as collaboration between Toyota and Subaru. According to the article, future Toyota president Akio Toyoda has confirmed that the FR car is still in development, AND that it's being referred to as the "086A" – an obvious homage to the AE86. The boxer-powered car is scheduled to begin production in 2012 and should still be priced somewhere around $20,000 USD.

During these increasingly tough times for the auto industry, it's nice to see that Toyota (and Subaru) remain committed to what should be a VERY important car for them.

Let's hope the rest of the development continues on schedule.

Source: 7Tune

-Mike Garrett



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nice looking car, but if you told me that was the new mazda rx9 I would not doubt you as the front wings and bonnet lines are very similar to an rx8 and the head lights are almost identical to an rx8


Gud news in the middle of so much doomscar to not say doomsday news,very cool,finally a sports car from toyota is on the rise again.


Jaguar front a bit maybe ?


Rear looks like new Mercedes E coupe


buy then ill be able to afford a new car, great!


I do hope it does indeed go ahead!, i even sent them a letter once,some time ago saying/sugesting, cant we have a new AE86 hehe, i suggested the Beams 3sge or the like, but course realise it takes years in devolvement.

Ideally a Toy engine, but i could live with a boxer, with a decent exhaust system (as i think sometimes they can sound a tad tractor-ee)

Back to basic, good oldFR/Rear wheel drive!, no fussy 4wd, that messes with your turn in etc.


Just spent five minutes trying to figure out "supotsu" meant "sports" ^_^'

This car looks pretty damn fine! Let's hope the end result is good and the pricing keeps low.


YES! Finally, some good news!

I don't care about the looks one bit, I just want a decently performing small RWD Coupe!


Looks good! I hope it makes it. By 2012 the economy should be ok, just hope that the world doesnt end that year.


Thank god, its been years since a decent FR car, need somthing to upgrade from my s15 to


boxer motors are super rowdy, i can't even imagine how cool this car will be.


what i'd like to see is an FR version at Toyota AND an AWD version at Subaru (i know, development costs would skyrocket). subie needs a good coupe follow up to the 22b.


It's going to be nice to see this thing battle the Hyundai Genesis Coupe


You know, I gotta agree with homer, but I'd think something along the lines of an Aston Martin RX-8. Still, can't wait to see how this turns out.looks like a fun chassis.


i thought at first it was an aston martin.......:P


It looks like a fish @.@ I had the feeling is watching me XD


lets keep it oldschool for the 86, they must try better if they want to say or give the name to a replacement !


I don't hear too much in the office about this project but if things are still going ahead with this, it definitely won't look like that. Imagine something a little more "understated"


"Boxer powered car"...... get stuffed Toyota. The only reason I like Toyota's is because of there engines, I don't want some cross-breed Subaru shit under my bonnet, thanks but no thanks.


i hope the wheel wells are not huge.


The Subaru version better be AWD. Subaru has spent a lot of time and hard work to make it the brand with cult like following that they have partially because of AWD.


Front reminds me of a modernized Supra, with a bit of current Celica and Lexus LF-A inspiration in the grille, but roof profile reminds me of an Eclipse or M-B CLK. A TRD version with the STi's 306hp engine would be exciting! If it is light the performance should be awesome. Cross your fingers!


I think it looks nice and hope it looks similar to this when it is released.

Also, I hope the build quality and interior is up to standard because these car seems cheap. I wonder what HP it will come with?


finally Toyota is back in the RWD car market better yet it it has a boxer mooter i cant wate. i wonder if it will have a LSD?


ifi was asked i would say its a collaberation between mazda and hyundai.


kinda reminds me of an LF-A ^_^

i like the lines and everything about the design.

maybe in time we'll get some spyshots of it running at the ring. :-D

hmmm. and i hope it gets released everywhere.


Well... I hope it is all really truth and development will not stop.

On the other hand, this car should keep real 86 heritage. I hope we will all find something remarkable on the production version, when we will all see it at some international autoshow. ;-)

To TMC: Guys, keep it coming! Thumbs up!