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And now for your regular update of bad news from the auto industry. Autocar Magazine is reporting that Nissan has scrapped development of its rear-drive Silvia successor as cost-cutting measure. It's also been said that the GT-R-based Infiniti Sedan has also been cut. It's painful to hear about this, as the next-gen Silvia was one of those cars with potential to be a big sales hit around the world. Nissan is supposedly redirecting their efforts into building more small cars, including a hybrid competitor to the Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight. With the loss of the new Silvia and the "delay" of the Subaru-Toyota project, Hyundai should have the affordable FR sports market on lock for a long time…

Source: Autoblog, Photo: 7Tune

-Mike Garrett



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I can't believe this. All the automakers are cutting their new car production. What do they expect us to buy, their old crap?


Well at least I dont have to worry about the value of my 240sx goin down. Guess the Genesis is lucky for no competition. Man then the GTR production is probably gonna die soon too.


I am a bit sad but not in the least bit surprised.


gwaddamfuk.... ohh well... I supose its used cars for a while then. I am indeed dissapointed!


Not surprised either. The (mass market) auto industry produces majority boring, uninspired cars now.


Heh im with Section09, looks like my s15 will keep its value quite well :)


Wouldn't the Mustang be considered competition for the Hyundai?


Rhys was supposed to build one in the near future, and make it ugly too! Damn now this will never happen!


Why would you end production on a platform that has real spocom appeal? All to build the micro machines. These future auto guidlines are out of control. I like my RWD sport cars thank you very much. The only hybrid I plan to drive is my 32sx.


In responce to Mr. Moons - No IMO I wouldent consider the mustang to be direct competition to the Hyundai because the mustang is a Muscle car (pony car whatever) and that it will alwease remain.

A V8 and a live rear axle in the mustang... VS a turbo 4 (or 6) with independ rear in the Hyundai.

There just two completely differnt cars.. and unlike me.. (and maby you) I think most people like one or the other and certanly not boath.

The only comptition for the Hyundai (new from delership cars) I can think of right now would be Mazdas RX8. While I love Nissans 370z I think its priced out of this segment, and anything else in the same cheap but fast/fun isnt RWD IE Mazdas Mazdaspeed 3 or the Ford Focus RS.


This is a sad day! :(

I was expecting this or the Toyota-Subaru coupe to be my 20k euro car. Now I'll have to settle for euro-trash FWD fat overweight "hot-hatches".


car looks like a renault ...






its bad and all but daym that thing is ugly lol


sure Nissan, go make another econobox...


LoL @ "Xzibit" up there xD

This is what's REALLY making me hate the recession... There's too many cuts going on...


its a sad sad day when hyundai takes over the affordable FR market...


TougeNoMikado, so what do we call the 86 (and previous corollas), a miniature pony? ha ha It's got live axle and a 4 pot o fury

This news sucks though. Competition is what brings progress. GenCoupe has the market for now.


That concept looks like shit anyways, if they were going to sell any they would have to change a whole lot.


Nissan is fucking up. They should have some one at the top that isn't near retirement and knows what people want. Quit trying to be like everyone else and try to rival the Prius. it's just sad..


If they think they arent going to make the biggest profit possible they arent going to make it.


just make new s15s. (1) looks better, (2)less r&d and (3) less building of new manufacturing equipment.

theres no need to reinvent the wheel when the wheel is a meister ^^^^^^^^


To be fair, the autoblog article says that Nissan has "suspended" plans. "We knew this was coming, it was just a matter of getting confirmation. According to Autocar, Nissan has suspended plans to create a compact, rear-wheel-drive successor to the Silvia due to Nissan's financial difficulties and Carlos Ghosn's pledge to reduce costs." I doubt we will see one for a long time, but you never know...


1. seriously who has the money for a new car to take it out to a track and beat the crap out of it, has anyone learned anything from the mitsu evo crowd?

drifter: "oh i took my new silvia drifting and blew up the vlsd and nissan told me tough crap cookie."

nissan: "not covered under warranty."

drifter: "why does a new exhaust for my silvia cost 850 dollars?"

performance shop: "because it's not 12 years old and splits into two"

2. seriously who can afford a new car???

3. the only thing i'm bummed about is a car that I can rip the interior out of and try to retrofit it into my s14, like push button starts and neat stuff like that, plus it would've been our version of a K20A like the honda guys... newer motor which I can shove in my car that actually has balls and can be made smog legal.


What has been confirmed from other sources is that it has been delayed/postponed but not canceled.

Stop srpeading that that image above. Its just a photoshop of a Mercedes (see below)

Nissan is going to base it on the urge concept.


I totally agree with dukeofny. Nissan should bring back their old FR's like S13's, S14's and S15's. Hell bring back the 180SX type-x. It's want tuning enthusiests want. Something cheap, fun, and not a pain in the ass to tune. I mean, that thing looks like an altima coupe.


hechtspeed, I would have said you got me there except I was refering to new cars you can buy today.


"I totally agree with dukeofny. Nissan should bring back their old FR's like S13's, S14's and S15's. Hell bring back the 180SX type-x. It's want tuning enthusiests want. Something cheap, fun, and not a pain in the ass to tune. I mean, that thing looks like an altima coupe."

I only feel they should do the s15. It's look is very modern. The s13 & s14 are somewhat dated. Nothing in the U.S. compares to the s15, and the factor that it was never sold here would add to sales hype. Price it just under the price of a wrx and it would be a hit. In theory it shouldn't cost anymore than a wrx to produce imo. but who am i?


ppl ( including myself) dont know what we want. what we need is to get with the now, and thats making sure we have a future worth driving in!

f*** mad max and life or death dune buggy chases. i want to hit up a track/windy backroad in my gas powered manual shifted crx,silvia,sequential mercedes MP4-24,wiessmam mf5 and then take my fiska karma to work m-f.more $$ for parts if i dont spend it on forn ol,right?

what im tryin to say is i agree with 137. its ALL ABOUT $$$$. but the ppl with most $ dont have most sense. to keep their companies aflooat they should build waht ppl want and need.what do i think that is:

1.electric cars mid and small so we can have a planet.

2.engines!! the crate motor is a genius idea that gm has.lsx anyone?

if hasport can profitably swap almost any new honda motor into a 21 yr old car wtf?!

nissan/toyota/gm/ford should-could r&d swappable new direct injected twin charged engine/tranny's/ harnesses into their...OUR SPORTS CARS.

there is no $$ in a new RX7. add +2 seating and suicide doors and youre suddely onto something.

there is no $$ in a new supra. think of a name better than FT-HS and maybe...

there is definitley no $$ in "retro this retro that" b coz thats just a trend thats outta control. but the 2010,11, 21 camaro v8 in a solstice?hmm...

& that brings me to my opening point. most (trendy) ppl in this huge wide world dont LOVE CARS.THEY need the hybrids..and unfortunatley 1st. gearheadz r here bcoz ur not a crocodile hunter or a milf hunter. theres something very satisfying and communal about being a speed hunter.


Thank god... they butchered the gt-r enough... at least the silvia has been spared...


saaaad day for Nissan.

hope they reverse this decision. dont be like subaru making little wrx hatches for the old folks


Good. That car was going to be ugly anyways lol Smart move nissan.


it's part all our faults it's been postponed/suspended. is mostly a "35 and older club" to people in the states, but in japan they still sell to the young guns, y couldn't nissan sell the fun things here, where we have plenty of open space n we're not stuck on an island (hint, hint)

2. its our fault cuz our economy is in the shitter right now, n we all know we can barely afford anything over 10,000 without having to take it to the repair shop every 2 weeks.

3.haters n snobby rich people should keep their mouth shut, cuz they're not helping in any way.


This is a shame, but makes my S13 even more special!!! Lets face it thou, car manufacturers should not be the ones to solely develop more economical cars and shouldn't have to stop creating great cars, they should be supported by Governments in making and developing more economical engines and not crap things like prius's which are actually worse for the environment cos of all the damn batteries!!! They should be creating great, fun, fast cars which at the same time have the technology not to destroy the planet. Still I LOVE my Silvia and say blah to cost cutting measures - wheres the fun in that?