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At the upcoming 2009 Melbourne Motor Show Toyota of Australia will be showing a new concept car based on the Camry Hybrid. Now the words "Camry" and "Hybrid" generally aren't ones that you hear too often on Speedhunters, but this car might actually be interesting enough to warrant a second look.

The concept is called the HC-CV which stands for…."Hybrid Camry Concept Vehicle". Crazy name isn't it? Mechanically the HC-CV is a standard Camry Hybrid, but it's been outfitted with some unique cosmetic modifications that make the car surprisingly decent looking.

The car's changes include unique bumpers and side skirts, a custom white paint job, and blue accents throughout the exterior and interior. I'm not sure about the blue touches, but the body parts do a nice job of adding some character to the Camry and the wheels are cool in a "car of the future" kind of way. It actually looks a bit like the new Crown Athlete from certain angles.

Of course it's just a concept at this stage, but I suppose this car could be comfortable and efficient daily driver with a bit of style.

What do you think?

-Mike Garrett



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Seems nice. I just glad automakers are finally making hybrids look decent.


it looks like its alive. O_o

dunno but thats one creepy looking camry.


Seems nice. I just glad automakers are finally making hybrids look decent.


toyota's getting gayer and gayer...


Man you guys better post up some seriously fun street Toyota stuff in the next 4 days. What happened to the SPEED in SPEEDHUNTERS?! A hyrbid dude? errgh


What's with the funky design for the front air dam screen? It doesn't even seem to have any order or pattern its just odd shaped holes I wonder If they were going for some sort of modern touch? Because as we all know modern design loves be methodically chaotic.


Overall body-style is pretty good but why bother with the blue-accents when we all know a car would never be allowed on the road like that? I know it's a concept, but it kind of annoys me. Like those blue washer fluid led's posers keep getting tickets for. Amber, white, red, that's it.

Anyways, got any late 80's celica's or of course late model supras? Give us more eye-candy!!!!


Maybe the blue light sections are made of extremely translucent plastic; if it was translucent enough the light would simply come out as white or whatever the original LED color is (assuming white).


I think the new Camry would make a nice VIP style platform. Too bad is wrong wheel drive, but whatever. ;)


I'm still not diggin' Toyota's current design language, to put it mildly. Especially the current front end and grille designs, way too bulbous and flabby. I'm actually glad Toyota isn't reviving the Supra, because it would have to coincide with their current design language, rendering it supremely ugly.


Tailights looks like SAAB... I would have preferred a lighter front bumper design ^ ^"

It's a concept, however.


Front wheel drive Camry, and a hybrid?!


but props at bringing up some 'other' car news here at SH.


Ha Ha Ha! American is so stupid! I just put square things on bottom of front bumper, and they buy buy buy!

Now they have to buy after American automakers going bankrupt. Go Americans! Fall on own sword! Ha Ha Ha!