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When Mazda introduced the Mazdaspeed 3 a couple years ago, the car was an immediate hit. The big power 2.3 liter turbocharged engine and athletic chassis made the MS3 a nice alternative to established names like  Evo, WRX, and GTI. Mazda debuted the all new "standard" 3 last year, but a lot of people have been anxiously awaiting news on the redesigned "Speed3". The new car will debut at the Geneva Auto Show in March, but some official photos of the car have already hit the net.

There haven't been any specs revealed yet, but the car will be powered by an updated version of the turbo 2.3 in the current model. As far as styling goes, the giant "grin" on the new 3's front bumper has been a hot topic on blogs and forums lately. It's a pretty large yes, but I don't remember it being obtrusive when looking at the new 3 at Tokyo Auto Salon. Even then, it's nothing an aftermarket bumper couldn't fix.

What do you guys think?

-Mike Garrett



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The base model of the redesign is on display at the auto shows now. The base model lacks the hood scoop and side skirts, but still has that ridiculous looking grille. The styling is blatantly derived from the Furai concept. The only problem is that the Furai had a wonderful silhouette, and some of the ugliest styling details ever to disgrace an automobile. Lost is the long, low, and sleek silhouette, but they managed to retain every one of those tentacle manga inspired details... To correct the styling atrocity will take more than just a front bumper, it will require a hood, trunk lid, and rear bumper, because those surfaces have been disgraced with those abominable details as well.


I dig the new hood scoop and M emblem on the front that is offset. Nice touch. Always like the speed3.


TO me the grin reminds the Furai.


That front end looks horrid. Great way to ruin what once was a decent looking hatch back.


Wow Oyaji Gaijin is pissed! lol. Front aint so bad man, the furai inspired grill is pretty cool. I think this car would be best in black. First gen Speed3 still rocks tho.


Way too early to call.

I never liked the current shape because it's too tall or tall-seeming. This looks better so far.


Section09, you have to look at the nose in profile. The worm angle view of the press releases don't give a very accurate representation. The part of the car that is farthest forward is just below the chrome Mazda symbol. The entire mouth and lower valence are angled back under, like a rolled pan.

And the cabin is just as tall, approaching mini van height. The doors, windows, and roof line remain unchanged. It continues with the the same guppy appearance as everyone else's five door compact station wagon.


it looks horrible


it looks horrible


Takes a lot of styling cues from the Furai. Doesn't look horrible, but I'll ultimately save my judgement for the moment I see it in person.


is that the new STi???


aww it looks like a baby rhino. i like the current MS3, i think it looks great. But I'm gonna have to wait and see this thing in person to make a real opinion.


Whats wrong with it? Works for me well and its the first sight. Evo X still doesn't cut it for me until now.


the new grille doesn't work so well on the new 3, but its ok on the facelifted MX5.


Mazda have produced lots of concepts with this new design language, not just the furai.. Ryuga is probably closer to the 3


woho, the front end looks spooky, it looks like a slant-eyed big-mouthed monster. typical headlamp of Mazda I think. Great car, thanks Mike.


MIKE< PLEASE POST UP SUPRA ARTICLES. There are barely any supras on


Oyaji Gaijin, I saw the base model of this car in person at TAS. I didnt think it was so bad, but the older Speed3 is a lot better. Granted this isnt the best looking car around, but these cars arent that popular anyway so it doesnt really matter. AutoEXE or RE Amemiya will eventually fix the fronts of these cars right up! I'm telling you, in black it would look pretty gangster.

Mazda been making weird design lately anyway. Even the 1st and 2nd gen rx8 have weird front too. Still not so bad to me tho. I take this front over the 'fangs' in the 370z




The only thing that made the "grin" look more obvious is definitely the plate number. Stick the plate number on the side and have a FMIC sticking out in the middle and it should look better. IMO, the older Mazdaspeed 3 does look way better than this facelifted one.....