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Ah yes, hybrid cars. When thinking about Speedhunters content, hybrids are probably one of the last things that come to mind, but there's no way you can ignore these things. The idea of hybrid "tuning" may seem a bit strange right now, but there was time not too long ago when using an "economy car" like a Honda Civic for anything but  basic transportation would get you some strange reactions. Toyota's Prius may the most popular hybrid right now, but Honda has been in the game for a while, with the original Honda Insight being one of the world's first hybrid production cars. Now Honda has just released an all new Insight, and the guys at Mugen have already started tweaking it.

Like Mugen's other cars, the most significant upgrade to the Insight is the aero kit. Generally, we use the term "aero" to refer to any kind of body additions, but in this case the parts were literally developed to give the Insight zero-lift. After all, the Insight is all about efficiency, and making parts that take away from that efficiency would be very un-Mugen. Looking at the photos, I can say the aero parts do a lot to improve the look of the car, and I particularly like the rear spoiler.

Other upgrades include Mugen suspension, and that funny-looking triangle-shaped exhaust tip. A choice of 15" or 16" wheels is available, and you can bet they were designed with efficiency in mind, much like the "Eco" series of wheels from Ray's Engineering.

Front view shows the Mugen grill and front lip spoiler.

Like I said earlier, the idea of hybrids as more than just efficient transportation is still new, but it's nice to see Honda and Mugen bringing efficiency and style with this car.

What do you think?


-Mike Garrett



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i'm stuck using on-screen keyboard so i'll keep it short


the entire rear half of this car is stylistically upsetting, the front looks nice but i can't help but wonder "why?"

the park bench sitting on the hatch looks like it was an afterthought


I would be proud to rock that as my daily driver!


is it just me or the 2nd pic made it look alot like the CTR??


Sick car, Exhaust needs to go as well as the rear lip. Otherwise its good!


I like it, it gives you the feeling of not owning an econobox, but at the same time, goes along with the whole hybrid efficiency thing


insught = prius =/ I thought that honda has more imagination...


Why have they kept that rear? Besides that, we are going to eventually have to accept that hybrid/electric cars are going to be the only way to roll in the future. I'm glad they are at least trying to give us hope that they ALL won't be boring as f*** (like the Prius and normal Insight) or out of reach financially (like the Tesla)


Love it! Can't quite wrap my head around the exhaust yet...but everything else is bitching.


I agree with BlueSlug: the front end looks sweet, but the back end has been ruined. Then again, I suppose they designed it with practicality (i,e, aerodynamics: less drag) in mind.

What I've never understood is: why are new hybrids such huge lumps? Surely it's easier and more attractive to make a sleeker, smaller car.


all going for c4 concept...


I have a question that bothers me and I think bothers a lot of people out there. Before the question, I'm gonna give my oppinion about this car. It looks preety nice in the front, but as you move towards the back, it down right stinks! Now my question is: Why is it that when somebody makes a eco car, electric, hybrid or whateva', the car's body design stinks the hell?? Why do eco cars have to look like hell and bad enough to disturb your stomack!? Ok, make a eco car, but don't be a idiot and draw messed up lines, c'mon people!!! What about the automotive history and culture!?


the rear is a lil bland but other than that i love it


It's down to efficiency, packaging and aerodynamics...simple. Mono volume (one box designs) are spacially efficient, and easier to control the aero properties at the relevent speeds, i.e not autobahn crazy 200mph. The rear cut off "Kamm" tail is the most efficient way of ending a volume producing less drag. People always ask "why do modern cars look the same?" It's due to the above, especially when working in a particular segment...this case is the perfect example of C segment form...Prius, Insight, they'll all be using it. Even look at the FCX clarity...same centre line, just stretched. Sure, you can have your Maserati GT, etc, but they have peculiarities in their dynamics and more importantly, have the power to overcome the issues. I wish it weren't so (would make my job easier) but that's what happens when you mix physics, aerodynamics, engineering, accountancy and designers.


As a European, our disadvantage regarding the lineup of Honda models is huge. Especially considering the sport models. Currently, the EDM CTR is the only available sporty Honda (I mean brand new), due to the end of the production of the S2000.

As a hardcore fan of the H badge, I frankly bow my head twards the Honda's green and clear philsophy, they're thinking of the future NOW! BUT! Having announced that the new NSX and CR-Z were cancelled, the V8 Acura was also cancelled, I have doubts that they will gain enough customers from the old Honda-fans to renew their current Hondas to a new(er) one.

Where is the new Prelude? Or Integra, CRX? Where is teh legendary past nowadays? They quit F1, which is also a doubtful decision for me.

Anyway, I truly believe that the hybrids are the future (or present) but I would not forget my roots if I were them.....peace!