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A lot of the time people can be a bit adverse to change no? We get used to things being a certain way… we find comfort in our inspiration and then if the winds start blowing in a new direction, well, we may not feel that pleased do we? Take this big debate about the state of drifting in the US of A. Personally speaking, I think 2009 will be a marker year in american drifting, as it appears to (finally) be fully separate and distinct from the Japanese scene, which originally inspired it not too long ago. Is that wrong? Will this be the dawn of a new golden decade, on par with the birth of Super Touring say 1992? A brief moment of wild high budget cars, like the short lived but amazing GT1 era from 1995-98? Given the state of the economy it's really hard to say at this stage if the current level of big budget builds can be sustained, but I can tell you this: Long Beach Formula D, April 2009 will be a very EXCITING place to be.

Now I seriously doubt that people are going to get into a flame war about the new Audi R15 (tx for the link Patrick!). As I look at this picture I feel a bit uncomfortable with what I see. Perhaps I have too many set ideas about what a Prototype race car should look like but to me this machine looks alien… quite unlike the pointy, shrink-wrapped prototypes we have become used to this past decade. The aerodynamic thinking seems outside my limited grasp of this black art…

Hmmmm… how about another prediction: if the R15 wins Le Mans for the next 5 years in a row, I'm sure it will start looking prettier each time it takes the checkered flag! :>

For an in depth look at the aero details jump over the Mulsanne's Corner….


Source: Race Car Engineering via Patrick Daly via Facebook Message



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Maybe it's because I haven't actively followed prototype racing until recently, but I think it looks amazing! The new aero is indeed somewhat alien looking, but I think that just proves how far racing has come since the last century. I wonder if it will carry over into Formula cars?


all i can say at this point is i hope it stays black


Just a shame we'll only see it at Sebring. Actually I don't care, I look forward to not seeing them at Road America this year. ;)


I think the new R15 looks amazing. From the front looks alone, it seems likes Audi is focusing more on applying down force to the lower regions of the chassis rather than over the front-top portion of the car (like last year's Acura LMP2). Maybe to lower the C.G. at high speeds? It's nose is almost formula1-esque with those nearly vertical pillars holding onto the lower spoiler. Just from the picture above, even in these rough economic times, Audi is still pushing forward in the field of race car engineering.


I don't know what the fuss is about. The current one is getting a bit old and this one is really fresh and looks great IMO.


SoloTwo,,,, but you will be missing an Audi-Acura fight this year in ALMS....


Also not to mention I prefer my sports cars to make some sort of noise as they make there way around. :)


Rod, the last two years we had insanely close battles between the Audi's and the LMP2 Porsche's which has been exciting. It's just annoying every year having the Audi's lap every LMP car within the first couple laps, kinda kills the enjoyment seeing them clean house. I'm more of a underdog kinda guy, same reasons I was never really a Michael Schumacher and Sebastion Loeb fan. I respect them as drivers, just like to see something different once in awhile. :)

Also I really can't wait to see the GT2 battles this year now with BMW and Chevrolet in the mix, should be fun.


Unfortunately the wind tunnel has taken over the design aspect of most if not all modern race cars, however eight overall victories is hard to argue with.


Is that the same Andy Blackmore on Mulsanne's Corner?


I like it, it looks different. I hope they keep the black livery, looks quite menacing, though I'm sure they'll stick with traditional German silver anyway.


Yes, it is me Eric :)  I had written a piece for Speedhunters this morning, but then got tied up and Rod beat me to it :)


I created a side view image for Mike, DailySportscar and was to be SH using some source images, which I happen to come across -wink wink ;)



This and the Acura are really moving things on, which is great. So much motor racing development is limited by rules and regs (look at F1, IRL, NASCAR even DTM) and the designers and engineers are very limited by what can be done, but the Audi designers and Dallara (I assume they are building the tub, as before) have really pulled out something very special.


Some very interesting features on this car, which is in more detail on Mulsanne' Mikes site. The wide nose high up, clears air for the rads on the side of the car, and the clever air outlets 'thru' the nose will reduce drag. You can't see it in this pic, but the engine cover is REALLY low and it appears that there is an air outlet across its width. very interesting.


Miore clever aero on the side and in the passenger (sic) area, which the side is cut down. At the rear, the rear wing mount is similar (but looks smaller) to the Acura.


Should be a cracking Sebring (damm, I was going to organise to go to this...) and Le Mans.


I've been lead to believe more shots will surface early next week.


As SoloTwo says, ALMS GT2 should be a crakcer, once Corvette join after Le Mans, despite a depleated field, with less Porsche and Ferrari. Word on the street is that a cat may make an appearance and the Falken Porsche may be dead.


Hey PatDaly thanks for the 411 man! You're the bomb! Rod said he's going to buy you a new camera on the company card when you get out here to Cali! (just kidding, calm down man)


Wait, will Corvette be in GT1 and GT2? I'm guessing they'll de-tune them and set them up according to GT2 regs? When you say a "cat may make an appearance" are you referring to a car or team? Jaguar maybe?


bobberz - Works Corvette team will be in GT1 upto and including Le Mans. After that, they will run their new GT2 car.


In addition, there is a non-works Corvette in GT2 already, but no support from the general and built by Riley (works cars are built/run by Pratt & MIller.


as for Cats, just rumours at the moment, they come and go, but they haven't completely gone away.


Hahaha Antonio, a 5D would sound real nice right about now.

The shots I've seen online of the R15 are great. Maybe if the Audis show up in top form at Sebring, we'll see some more of them. I think they are always up for a competition and continuing their success and they've been doing well financially so we may see them a little more than expected, one can only hope.

I'm also geeked up to see what's next from the Pratt and Miller Corvette's. The ALMS is really pushing the Green Initiative and I think the Vettes may push the subject when it comes to getting some electric on the track. They were adamant about the E85 so we'll see.

I was really not looking forward to this season but I'm certain the field will heat up. I'm just really bummed about Detroit being cancelled, I can't ride my bike to any of the other Credentialing offices : (


Looks fast, but I find it hard to get enthused about super high level cars like this. Especially open top ones.


Hang on, I thought with the rules changes as from 2010 all P1 cars have to be closed canopy?

Maybe Audi are only planning another 2 years of racing?


Earlier today, Audi Sport took the 'official' wraps off of their new R15 TDI LMP1 racecar. Regular