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Do the words "Ford Taurus" and "interesting" sound like a strange match to you? If you answered "yes", then you might want to check up on your history. The Ford Taurus SHO was one of America's first real sport sedans. When the SHO debuted in 1989 with its Yamaha-developed V6 that made 220hp, it became one of the best sleeper cars of all time. A 220hp sedan might not sound like much by today's standards, but that was a very big deal 20 years ago when even exotic cars struggled to make 300hp. Ford discontinued the SHO in 1999, but they have just announced the return of this cult-favorite performance sedan.

The new SHO is built off the redesigned 2010 Taurus, and like most comebacks, it's quite a bit bigger and heavier than the original. Like the SHO's of the past, the new car has a few external changes that add some character without doing away with the car's grown-up exterior. 19" alloy wheels are standard, with optional 20's.

While the original SHO was front-drive with a high revving NA V6 (with one the coolest looking intake designs ever), the new car is a bit different. The 2010 SHO is powered a by a twin- turbocharged 3.5L Eco-Boost V6 that will make 365 horsepower and comes standard with AWD. Ford claims that the turbo V6 will deliver V8 performance without sacrificing V6 fuel economy. I'll be interested to see what the EPA numbers will be on this thing.

I have to say that the SHO's interior looks fantastic with its suede leather seats and piano black trim. A number of high tech features like an MP3 hard drive, Sony audio system, and navi will be available, just as you'd expect from a modern sport sedan. The transmission is a specially-tuned six-speed automatic. Unfortunate, but not surprising is the lack of a real manual tranny.

The SHO will hit dealers this summer, and it should be interesting to see how the reborn SHO does against its sport sedan competition..

So far I like what I see. What about you?

-Mike Garrett



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LOL! Looks like Legacy/Mazda6/Accord =]


wow. being in australia, never herd of this little beast. reminds me of the golf gti in its cult appeal.

shame the new one aint manual


its quite a nice clean well resolved design and has hints of Ford's European design language with the lower grille and side surfacing. Don't really like the upper grille much.


Shame they never produced the Interceptor concept, which the Taurus was influenced by...


take a look --->

,,, as a Crown Vic replacement, this would have been stunning


i'd take a mazda 6 and day of the week


maybe this will push mazda to make the Speeds AWD


It could do with a better interior


this is great and all, but when do we get the rwd falcon?


I think the fords built in america are so queer looking compared to the ones built in australia =/


this is hot. i would like to see this in a GTM type drab it could be an audi contender easily


I'm quite excited about this, I knew a guy who had a 1st gen Yamaha V6 version tuned to over 440hp. He said he was asked to drive a Ford SVT Mustang Cobra (the supercharged one from '03), and it didn't even come close to the level of performance from his two decade old SHO. The 2010 sure is a heck of a lot better than the re-badged 500 it replaces. I'd still like to see a Mondeo with the Ecoboost mill brought over. Or the Australian (AUDM?) GT as-is.


Its alright... I dont really like the grille though. And on the interior - won't all that piano black finish get scratched up really bad, really easily?

Much better than those hideous blobby 90's style Taurus' that NZ got a few of back in the day. Needless to say they weren't a big seller (especially when the local fav Falcon beat it in every which way) :)


Exterior = Yawn.

Interior = Yawn.

Performance = Interesting

Just from it's looks and dimensions it's probably going to be a porker so there goes most of the performance additions.

Nice try Ford, but until you're serious stick to the Mustang variants and trucks those are desirable, I'm not biting.


ta poderoso el carro!!!!!!! jeje


I achualy like this car. I cant stand that stearing wheel, and I wish they would offer a Manual mission, but I do really like it. Not shure If I would buy one ... as the price is right there in Evo teratory.

Love the interiror minus the Stearing wheel... and shift handle.

Id throw on some BOV's and enjoy.


I love the interior, a true contender in this segment. Ford is getting it right finally. Now I'm gonna buy their stock :)


I saw this test mule over by the Tail of the Dragon around October 19th. I have video of it as I passed it


I'm not a big Phord fan, but I would TOTALLY buy one of those things.


i'll have to take one for a test drive.

it is not very exciting to me, but i see some potential there.

i wonder what this car would look like as a touring car.


Yeah looks like a redesigned Mazda6 MPS