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OK last New Zealand post from me for the time being….. Here are some shots from the Old Skool Rydz Lowriders club display at the 4&Rotary Nationals…

I am not enough of a connoisseur of Lowrider culture to know the names of the various subcultures within the scene… I can tell you I like this more classic style of machine… They aren't overdone and are still quite obviously street cars…

With this early more old school style of lowrider you can still see the direct style link to customs…..

Is this car more a custom than a lowrider? When you get to the late 50s there really isn't much of a difference… the styles where one and the same in the early days…

 I'd say this is more a custom really…. Agree?

Ahh my automotive desire far outweighs my capabilities to generate the necessary cash to make a huge car collection (for now anyway)!….. Oh well… still I have to be grateful I get to point my camera at all of these fine machines around the world!

Impala? Belair? Biscayne? I am not well versed enough in the subties of late 50s, early 60s Chevrolet's to completely tell the different on sight… Nice car though!

Gangsta old Caddy… well if it were black….

1960s Impalas had a mind blowing number of body styles didn't they? Every single year is different from the next… After some digging I can now confidently say this is a 1968 model….

It's interesting to think that back when I was a young lad this was considered to be junk. An old outdated mass market family car…. Not so much these days huh?

Of course the most sought-after Impala is the '64…. This was the finest machine in the display….

Nice Continental Kit….

They don't make them like this anymore do they? Mmmm… Chrome… the old Carbon Fiber…

I wonder if there are now more lowrider spec '64 Impalas than showroom stock originals in existence? You definitely could compare this to the lack of original '32 Fords or unchopped '49 Mercs…. Will S13s and AE86 suffer the same fate?

Or does this really matter?


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I never really got the lowrider look. Those tiny wheels...but I dig anybody who mods their street ride. it's the same basic desire. Be different, express yourself, cruise the streets.


what sort of wheels are they


Dayton wires

I would love one of these as a tow car...


Well, the AE86s in the Cipher Garage collection won't suffer the same fate. I still have a virgin non modified AE86 GTS hatchback (in red of course) sitting in a warehouse that hasn't seen sunlight in 2-3 years.


Even though lowriders are not my thing, I truly respect the amount of time and attention that goes into building them. It seems to me lowriders have some of the highest quality paint finishes out there. I mean, when you chrome or gold plate the entire undercarriage, that's dedication! I agree that that '60 'vert is more of a traditional kustom, just look at the classy pinstriped scallops on the back. I like that wagon, too.


Antonio, you gotta get those juices flowing, after all the best collector car is one that is 100% original, and actually runs


MUITO LOKO !!!!!! Aqui no Brasil não se costuma ver esses carrões