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Sometime I really envy you guys from the States when I look at the cars on different car shows. Take the Wekfest 2009 gathering, the kind of cars that show up at this event is something I can only dream in Holland. The type of builds and the cars all together is something I will never see on European shores. Luckily for me there is internet so I can look at all these fine builds and especially sharing the cars with our Speedhunter readers.

I have been looking through numerous galleries on flickr and on a bunch of different forums. I have selected some of the cars that were present that I found post worthy. I also noticed that there are a lot of good photographers out there that are willing to share pictures of the event, so a big thumbs up to those guys.

Because it is Toyota month I wanted to start with the incredible Scion Bb you can see in the opening picture. Damn those yellow BBS wheels looks like they were made for the car. Amazing work from the owner. You should really see the entire car.


Nice four door BMW riding on some BBS split rims. I have taken a real interest lately in BMW's, especially an E30. I'm trying to find a decent example so I can take it apart and make something special.

Does anybody remember this Hasselgren AE86? I have been looking for more info because I know I had it in a magazine somewhere, but because I'm on a tight schedule I can't find it. I do know it had some very trick parts and had a lot of one off parts on the engine. I'm sure one of our readers can enlighten us on this amazing machine.

Calvin Wan also made an appearance in his Falken RX7 that he campaigns in Formula Drift.

How nice is this? A Starlet in this kind of condition is hard to find. I didn't noticed it at first but then I saw the K20 engine, so we have another Frankenstein amongst us. Other cool details are the work equips and the widened fenders.

A really nice VIP Lexus on not so typical rims. I just like the look of this car. I really hope to roll donw the street some day in a similar car. But I guess I will have to be patient because the VIP scene doesn't exist here in Holland. 

Remember the car with the rusted hood form the Eibach meet? This is what lies beneath the hood. Props to the owner for trying something different. This reminds me of the harlequin Volkswagens.

Heavy Hitters taking the price for best VIP styled cars, the wheels on the Lexus look huge. 

J's Racing Time Attack S2000 is always a show stopper. I hope to see it run at buttonwillow this year. I'm really curios at what it can do. 

For more pictures I really suggest you take a look at; Digifresh, Chriztrax, JSJbrothers there are so many sources for pictures, this was only a small taster of what could be seen at the event.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Wekfest 2009,



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You're in Holland?


Nice Mooneyes sticker.

Had the same one on my old car.


that Hasselgren AE86 you were referring to has a TRD Formula Atlantic 4AG pushing out 250whp


never heard of this show, but I love the location, as well as the cars


The AE86 can be found on the JTuned website for more info. At least the old website, they had done a peice in their "Statics" . Very nicelly equipped car


not K20, its an F20C from S2000


That starlet is powered by a f22 ,not a k20


why wait for someone else to do it first? isn't pioneering what the import scene was founded on? if everybody waited for someone else, we'd never see 240sx's rolling around with SR swaps would we? then were would we be?


I think that Hasselgren AE86 has a $50,000 4AGE meant for the Formula Atlantic Series if I remember right.


i know the owner of the starlet. his name is edwin. the engine is a f22c out of a s2000. its a really amazing car.


Correct on the Hasslegren hachi. Modified Mag, Apr 07.


Retro BBS Mesh FTW! Gotta love the Lady Luck sticker, too. Open up any late '40s early '50s "Hop Up" or "Hot Rod" mags and you'd see mail-in ads for those decals. Hot rod inspiration on a Scion, I dig it! Harlequin VW is what I thought, too--that Civ looks alot cooler with the hood off. More info on the AE86 please! I remember hearing about Formula Atlantic in the '90s but don't know anything about it other than it was the entry level of Indy racing. As I understand the hierarchy was IRL, CART, then Atlantic. Didn't know they used a Corolla engine, though. From what I've heard recently, IRL is switching to turbo'd "small displacement" engines, either 4 or 6 cyl. Should be interesting.


i love the weds on the hasselgren 86

that starlet is so nice too


The N1/ J's Racing S2K didn't do well at Button Willow (mainly because its incredible stiff spring rate).

Hartano (H2 Honda National Champion 2007) drove the car and apparently complained about the suspension setting. Obviously Japanese tracks are FAR smoother than run-down American tracks. Something that should have been taken into consideration.

As far as the show, it was held in Japan Town SF by "WEK-SOS", thus the name "WEK-FEST",


Big ups to Kenneth, Adam, everyone else, and of course, JR, for putting on an amazing show! I wish I could've been there! Weksos FTW!!


If you guys want to use my pictures, which are always available a day or two after each event.

Feel free.


Great website.


I have that Hasselgren AE86 in a Banzai magazine, i'll try to find it...


This show was crackin. Wekfest ova HIN anyday. Cant wait to hit up some nwp and eibach meets this year.


That's funny that you envy us for having car shows like this. Because I was there and most of the people that went hated the show. It was crap compared to past JDM theory shows. Glad I didn't pay to enter my car this year. I guess we're just spoiled compared to people from Holland.


I seem to be familiar with name, driver name supposedly, written on the top-side of the last pic of JS racing...

Thanks for the links.


That BMW ROCKIN THAT FUNCTION AND FORM sticker has to be one of the nicest 4 doors I've seen.....

I was surprised to see Function and form on a BMW I wasen't aware they made suspension for that application,nice work Function hope you guys release a E-90 set soon.