Event>> Club Lexus President’s Day Meet

I just got an email from Jerry Truong from the Perfect Exposure Blog saying he had some pictures from the Club Lexus President's day meet. When looking through his pictures I was amazed the quality of the builds, there was one Lexus that really caught my eye. I know the blacked out theme or whatever it is called these days it played out, but this one just pulls it off perfectly. It reminded me of the 5 Axis Lexus that debuted on Sema. Let's have a look at all the other beauties shot by Jerry.

This is the car I was talking about, it has more like a satin finish than flat black. Behind the chrome wheels we can find a set of Rotora big brakes.

When reading the forum post on the Club Lexus website, I saw that the police got there an hour after the meet started and writing tickets. It's always a shame when something like this happen especially when you doing nothing wrong. 

Clean GS with enormous dish and perfect fitment.

Is this even legal? Not sure, but I would have a hard time parking a car like this!

This is a car I would drive on a daily basis. It sports all the characteristics of a finely tuned machine.

I really like this color combo, the exterior color works very well with the blue wheels.

Strange place to fit the aerocatch latches. I do like the overall look of the car with the ‘classic' multi spoke wheels.

Yes, this is how it's done. The wheels fit perfect, that 10 out of 10 from me.

You can find a more pictures on the Club Lexus forum and on the Perfect Exposure blog.

Thanks for sharing Jerry.



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Second Lexus from the top minus the Rotora-china shit brakes......gorgeous car though !!!!


It had it going all right until the freakin Rotora brakes!! Why would someone spend so much change on everything else and then fork out for UGH!?


wtf, cops. Does recon mean nothing nowadays? I got pulled over last week for my wheels and exhaust. Everything on my car's stock. FML.


Those guys were lucky for only getting tickets for their mods...

I'm from Romania, and you can get your pink slips confiscated by the police until you remove the "trouble" mods from your car... That means doing the old "inch up" can set me back about 100$ in fines and the trouble of putting the stock parts back on my car so I can get back my papers! Not to mention that if the policeman considers the mods to be a "danger" to public roads safety, you can do goddam jail!!! So yeah, I'd rather live somewhere where I can just get a ticket for my Rotora brakes and 20 inch rims ;)


clean rides. lame how the cops had to come and write tickets. these guys are doing nothing wrong, just out having a chill meet. its not like they were street racers...


You wanna hear something really bad? A buddy of mine has a clean Teg and this cop stopped him for his exhaust being too loud and told him to pop the hood. The STUPID cop saw the Honda block and tried to tell him that he had an engine swap LOL!


FML>? So are Rotoras that bad?... Ive never had em... but a big brake kit from Rotora still isnt to cheap.. so I wondering now.


the meet location (in buena park, california) was at a parking lot formerly owned by a wax museum and is currently being used by a restaurant and starbucks coffee there. from what i know the restaurant and starbucks ok'd the meet, but little did the attendees (myself included) know that medieval times (they were located across the street) was planning to use that exact same parking lot for a special event.

long story short, medieval times' management showed up and very rudely and unceremoniously asked us to leave. worse, they threatened to call the local law enforcement agency to "evict" us, even though quite a few of us were patrons of that starbucks and some had planned to eat at the restaurant. a majority of us did, but a few stayed behind at the restaurant to eat for convenience's sake. those who did ended up receiving citations ranging from no front plates to no handicapped placard. for the record, the attendee that received the citation for the missing handicapped placard was indeed handicapped; he simply forgot to hang the placard on the rear view mirror.

in short, a great (but short) meet, but buena park PD and medieval times FTL.


i WANT that white one with the extended exhausts.

reminded me of a camry i saw here once. some may laugh but the camry i saw was properly done with the same style and wheels.

great coverage as well.


The top picture just... wow... i mean... wow... DAMN THAT'S HOT!

As for the cops... As we say here in Portugal, pigs just trying to get their monthly fine quota.

Police are incompetent in a global view, no discussing that. A good cop is really hard to find nowadays. Around here tuning is border-line legal. There's no way to "fiscalize" (that a good word? you understand it?) tuning, so really all cops have is very blurry outlines on what to fine or not in a modified car - it ends up depending on the cop you get...

As a result, combined with pratically non-existent racing tracks (and track-days), tuning in Portugal is really about a couple of good concentrations (yearly), maybe one or two car shows and the rest is "illegal" get-togethers on gas stations and street-racing,,, Which only pull the scene down...

This makes me very sad and i definitely wish Portugal could look at some other countries and legalize tuning and maybe help build more racing tracks so people can race in a safe environment instead of risking theirs and innocent people's lifes...


I've seen cars like that first one on Jon Sibal's blog, I believe he calls them "intentionally killed out" or something;P I still like that look, however, no matter what you choose to call it. Must be my rat rod roots.


Why would cops give tickets to VIP guys? Is it the usual "are you guys racers or something?" crap? Damn police are so stupid. I hate them all.


that is why i love my country (Trinidad and Tobago) no laws on mods except for tint i have G5 myself you can lower your car, loud exhaust, no exhaust, who cares (neighbors i guess) but they get pissed off for the illegal racing they come with the fire department and wet down the road lol




Hilarious. You'll get what FML means.


I was the photographer of this set and I was there. The police are not to blame. The policed cruised through the lot right after I arrived but they did not harassed anyone. However, it was the management of Medieval Times that called the cops, frantically begging for them to kick people out as "they were taking over the parking lot, having an illegal car meet".


I love the cars and the high res of the pix on the blog.. but all those tilting makes it hard to really focus on the cars and enjoy.


It was a good meet, like Jerry said, don't blame the cops, they were just doing their job. Meet was eventually moved to Autobacs, where it eventually disbanded. It was a bit more chaotic this year then it was last year, but regardless it was still a pretty fun event.


ohh so thats what FML means... jajaja... awsome!... Thanks Absolution!