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Is the grass always greener? Is it unhealthy to spend so much time looking at far away car cultures? I occasionally wonder this when I look at just how much Japanese car culture we feature on Speedhunters. Oh well, what can you do!….Here is another Japanese car culture feature :>

I picked up this little RC drift toy last summer in Japan and have been diligently waiting for Toyota Month to start before building it up.

I find it quite interesting that this little slice of drift culture can be picked up a standard electronics shop in Japan. Drifting is that main stream there. If only things were this way in North American, Europe, New Zealand and Australia!

Here's what all the bits look like once you pull them out of the box….

Aaawwwwwhhhhhh sooooo cute!…. The proportions look a little exaggerated to my eye…. Any thoughts on what the body kit is modelled on?

The chassis, electric motors, wheels, gears and axles come disassembled…

The model comes with extra wing mirrors…. I suppose Takara Tomy are assuming I'll try out some tandem action this little toy… hmmm…. shouldn't it be preserved in a glass cabinet for future posterity?

Erg no English!…. oh well, the instructions look simple enough. I used to be a sponsored RC racer when I was a teenager so I'm sure I can figure it out!

Check out how the steering and the drive motors are exactly the same spec…… odd….

Unlike real life drifting, the secret to RC drifting is to remove traction… these tires are made of hard plastic.

And after a few minutes the body clicks into place. You can assemble the whole model in a few minutes with just a small phillips screwdriver.

The final step is to add these detail stickers to the body and you should be able to drift!

Here is the front of the car with the stickers applied. The front tire is poking nicely, but the rear seems to have more of a "tuck" set up….

Unfortunately for me, the steering worked but the car wouldn't drive…. I had to take it apart to trouble shoot the problem… turned out the electricity tabs on the drive motor needed bending to get proper contact….

And now I can practice some drift skills around the house!…. I'm sure my wife will love that hahaha….. Perhaps I should have bought the sister S13 model for her.




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Judging from the front lip, I'd think it was modeled on a Jubiride body kit.


i would like to see a video or something!


where do you order these online? how much are they usually? :]


i agree with luis!

get a video up rod!


You really are mocking me on this one ^_^ - I WANT ONE TOO!!


haven't had any slo-mo footy in while...


These things are great. I've also got the 180SX version, and there are Evo, R34 Skyline and RX7 versions as well.

They also come in D1 GP paint schemes and special editions with built in lights, but you pay like twice the price for them though.....


liamsil80 we do have a new video drift video ready for release... just waiting on a music license to get completed before we upload it :>


rod, did you paint your floors? i dont remember it being so shiny.


This line:

"The model comes with extra wing mirrors.... I suppose Takara Tomy are assuming I'll try out some tandem action this little toy... hmmm.... shouldn't it be preserved in a glass cabinet for future prosperity?"

i believe instead of "prosperity" you mean "posterity". not trying to be a smartarse, just lovce the blog enough to pick that up

aweseome little RC. i will have to see if my local R/C shop can get them in.


i have the blue 180sx kit kicks ass for a model that comes with a cheap tag :)

loose the wing :P


needs some rear spacers man! Cool rc.


i got this at home

pretty fun but the batteries don't really last long at all lol


These can be found on ebay at the same prices most RC shops ask.

Steering is not proportionaly (so it just goes left, right or straight) bit it actually works pretty well as long as you drive it on a hard surface, driftnig is near impossible on carpet.

The plastic wheels are tapered so you can experiment with 'camber', that's maybe also why the front tire is poking out in the pics.


drifting is not that mainstream in japan.

Those toys are fun like 5min, then you want more power coz its just can't drift as for example a MiniZ do.


Damn you Rod,

I blame you for my rekindled obsession over desktop racers! That Hakosuka is still lovingly boxed tho mind. ;)


its looks like the kit may be made by J blood


I have at same toy at home, it's really fun. It's actually controllable lol even though it has no proportional control


the engines look the same of tamiya mini4wd ! Plasma dash? =)


wooo! takara drift light FTW! ^_^

my brother has the realistics series modelled after the levin of hayashi from D1. :-P

i'll be picking up the S15 this weekend. :P


I don't think drifting is anymore mainstream than it is here, been in a toy store lately? half the tyco rc cars are labeled with "DRIFT ACTION" on them or whatever.


i sorta meant it would be fun to see some slo mo of this thing in action but thats good to hear none the less