Car Spotlight>> St205 Celica Gt-four At Nurburgring

The ST205 Celica GT-Four is the final evolution in all wheel drive Celica technology. Just like its predecessors, the ST165 (1988-1989), and ST185 (1991-1993), the ST205 is powered by Toyota’s mighty 3SGTE engine, a 2.0 liter turbocharged engine that pushes power to all four wheels. If I’m not mistaken, the last generation of 3SGTE, as found in the ST205, makes 240-250hp.

When I was just out of high school, I remember wanting to own ST185 and ST205 Celica GT-Fours sooooo bad. I had so many magazine clippings with Celicas from Japan; I just couldn’t stop thinking about them. The idea of a turbocharged Yamaha head twincam 3SGTE and all-wheel drive had me convinced. (Until I began autocrossing with my first AE86.)

Imagine my delight when I spotted this ST205 GT-Four in a parking lot right down the road from Nurburgring’s Grand Prix course. Originally Rod, Jeroen and I planned to stop in and take a look at the diecast minicar shop next to the track, but as we jumped out of our rented Lexus RX400h, I started taking pictures of this Celica for a small “Car Spotlight” on Speedhunters, when the owner of the car walked out, with a new diecast in hand.

I complimented him on his clean Celica – I didn’t see very many modified Japanese cars in the Nurburgring area, much less ones with Work wheels! Turns out the owner of this GT-Four was a former AE86 rally co-driver (as you can probably guess, we obviously became friends right away), and had a few friends who worked for Toyota Team Europe. WOW TTE?! Aside from Nurburgring, TTE is the number one thing I wanted to do in Germany! He continued on to explain that there would be a Japanese classic car meeting coming in a couple weeks, and we should attend… but unfortunately, our schedule showed that we would be in Japan during the time of this meeting, so there’s no way we could attend.

While we were talking about old school Toyotas, rally, and Germany, Rod and Jeroen came back from the die cast shop (the one I didn’t get to go into cause I met the owner of this ST205), and Rod announced that we were going to be late for our meeting with the organizers of the IDC drifting series in Germany. Unfortunately we had to leave, and I had to cut my conversation short. However disappointed I may have been (and still am!) that I didn’t get to see the diecast shop down the street from Nurburgring, I was very happy to meet this silver GT-Four, as well as its owner of course.

Notice the cool cutouts in the GT-Four RC hood and front bumper. I think these cutouts make the Celica GT Four look 100% better than a normal front wheel drive ST202. I also liked the small TTE emblem in the grill – it’s a nice and classy touch!

Look at that huge GT-Four rear wing! For some reason, I don’t mind the big wing on the GT-Four at all. Toyota designed it that way!

Work Emotion CR Kai one piece wheels look really good on this car, in my opinion. The GT-Four’s owner told me he was going after a tarmac stage rally-inspired look for his car, hence the big one piece wheels. I think he chose a really good color for the CR Kais, and they especially look good with red aluminum lugnuts, which are color coordinated with the red lettering on the face and red brake calipers. Dig the Euro sidemarkets too, and notice the Euro version Celica doesn’t have a nasty red rear sidemarker.

Here’s the inside of the car… Sparco everywhere. I think if I were to run Sparco seats and steering wheel in a Toyota Celica, it would have to be the rare bronze Carlos Sainz edition steering wheel, shift knob, and seat set, which was available through Sparco USA around 1999-2000 timeframe. That would be PERFECT. Obviously Carlos Sainz was the one who made ST165s, ST185s, and ST205s cool, through his efforts as Toyota Team Europe’s pro WRC driver for years. I want to meet him someday!

Notice also the Euro projector headlights and headlight sprayer nozzles? I think everything about this front bumper looks better than the USDM version, including the lower lip fins at the bottom. Awesome car. I’d love to own one if they were available in the USA… maybe one day I’ll buy one in Japan, so that I’ll have a fun snow car to play with when I’m at Ebisu during the wintertime.

-Antonio Alvendia



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yea i remember buying like 20 of these things on gran turismo... one of my favorite AWD JDM cars.


Yeah me too! That was the first car I purchased in GT2 and I built it up to like 400 hp or something like that. It was such an awesome car.


Very beautiful car !

Looks like mine, which is white ;)

If you like ST205, please check out !


Hey Antonio, you should really try to meet Sainz. He's a nice guy, met him once in a car show here in Portugal, he even gave an autograph!


Cool. I think these cars are very capable and unappreciated.

Check out Dome's underbody kit for this car on The Real JDM blog.


This car is nice. I have the original 165 in white. Truly a rare beast and fun project car to have.


Oooh awesome. And here I was thinking all month I'd see only AE86's lol. Great to see a super nice GT4.


Nice car, too bad they are so heavy, just cant keep up with Evo and WRX for the same money



i think its missing some mud flaps and some quad fogs up front. :-P

but still a nice looking car. ^_^


Belgian plates! BDM ftw! I think there were only 10 of those imported over here, very rare


nice gt four feature!! now feature some st165's and st185's!!!!!

some corrections: st205 3sgte is the 3rd gen 3sgte... 3sgte contiued in the awd caldina wagons for a couple of more generations

also, RC (Rally championship) CS (Carlos Sainz) models only came in a certain number of st185 gt fours, not st205. Though, the st205 did have a face lift at some point...


kowalski, thanks for the info. i didnt even think of the awd caldina wagons, as we didn't get them here in the usa. it's an example of "out of sight, out of mind."

i didn't know that RC and CS were only for ST185, thanks for setting me straight. i just assumed it was continued because the RC hood/bumper on the 185 has some similar cutouts.

NagaTen: I would love to meet Sainz and take some pictures someday! We'll see, maybe if we have a bit more travel money in our future, we can make it happen.

Oh yeah... but don't worry guys. You will see TONS of AE86s this month. Don't you worry. I could do enough content to make an AE86 only site.


Not to start a beef but the awd celicas built the same as the evos and wrx actually will take them out if done correctly. Bigger and stronger parts are on these cars and if u aquire the japan spec 205 it will eat evos for breakfast lunch and dinner. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!! GOOD


ST205 Are beautiful cars i can only dream of owning one one day, till then my st185 will do



I'm not a big fan of these cars. The front end with the way the inside lights have that contour that continues onto the hood. Not my fav. But this car looks nice with those wheels and rear wing. I got to go to Nurburgring in Nov '07. What a cool place. That diecast shop, it was like a gas station and diecast shop all in one right? ;) The museum was awesome too! Hopefully you got some pics for a future BMW month. ;)


Huge fan of Celica GT-4!! Id say that one needs a tiny bit of lowering... but other than that Awsome!!


it certainly could do wif abit more lowering but this looks ok too. i am sure owner has his reasons etc etc/


Very impressive machine!! i only wish my 185 was that clean. those rims are perfect,


wow! lots of ST185 owners on here! you guys should post up pics of your cars on our forums! show off your 185s!


we saw this linked from the biggest US forum for the GT4s, so we are here. :) another '92 ST185 owner here...


hey mike! which forum is that? one of my friends just got an ST185, you might have a new member for your forum!


Hey Antonio! Thanks for the text! I love the pics! When I first saw these Euro style GT4's I thought it was SICK! haha I learned something new too... ;D I still want to see your hatchi. I think imma sell my ST165 and fix up the ST185. Can you send me the info on those tail lights you were talking about? Sounds dope! Nice post dood... can't wait to see more!


Wrong Photos it seems :(


Can anybody fix the photos?