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What could a Toyota month be without the Fensport AWD Celica? This car has seen drag strips, circuits and has even been to Tsukuba to show the Japanese how it's done in the UK. Fensport became immortal after making a 2.1l turbo 3s-gte powered Corolla that had AWD and was pushing 650bhp. But what do you make after that? Fensport wanted to make another all round car that was capable of winning quarter mile runs and hold its own during Time Attack battles.

They came up with this AWD Celica with another 3s-gte engine but this time it had 576bhp at the hubs. The base car was a generation 7 TRD M-sport Celica that was lighter and stronger. It is a special edition made from the factory that was specifically build for motorsport, it's even lighter than the older GT4 Celica models. So you could think it was light enough, but knowing Fensport it wasn't the case.

The car was stripped and all the sound deadening had to be removed. For even more stiffness a tig welded rollcage went in and the rear cross members were modified to house the st205 rear differential, this was all done to make the car 4wd. The rear spare wheel well has been removed to make room for the exhaust tunnel and the propshaft that runs alongside each other.

The rear hubs have replaced by Corolla items because they didn't wanted reinvent the wheel. Everything worked perfectly in their first Corolla so they decided to use a lot of items from that car and mount into this Celica, like the entire rear subframe.

Wheels are TE37 in 17"x7,5 with an ET35 for circuit use, tires are Toyo R888 in 215/45. When Fensport wants to take the car to the dragstrip they use the same tires but then 225 wide. For enough stopping power Fensport opted for 10pot calipers and 340mm discs in front and 6pot calipers with 280mm discs in the rear, both made by Tarox.

Exterior wise nothing major has been changed except for the VARIS carbon fiber bonnet with a scoop for better turbo clearance and a GT front bumper that has been reworked for better airflow to the HKS Supra intercooler. The GT spoiler is also fabricated by VARIS.

The engine is the real reason why this car exists and why I wanted to show you guys this car. The base engine is a 3s-gte that is used in the MR2 turbo and the Celica GT4, but it doesn't stop there. Fensport has increased its capacity to 2.1 liter. Other items that found its way into this engine are Crower steel connecting rods with custom JE Forged Pistons, ARP Bolts, metal head gasket and Lightweight alloy pulleys.

Fensport also ported and flowed the cylinder head and replaced the valves and springs. The inlet manifold has been custom made to fit the Celica and has a short runner design with internal ram pipes and a 75mm throttle body. Because this is a Spotlight I can't show you all the details, but I encourage you to take a look at the build page on Fensports site.

This car can do the quarter mile in 10.27 seconds and race Tsukuba in 1:04 (consider it was their first time and they ran into some mechanical problems). I'm looking forward to what they have in store this year during the Time Attack season and occasional drag sessions.

-Jeroen Willemsen




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those are some very impressive results considering it's the same vehicle! props are due to the fellows at Fensport


Beatiful!!! I also loved Rod Millen's (or Stillens?) AWD 7th Gen Celica!

I wish more people would quit ricing out these Celicas and do more performance on them!


damn that is nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the engine looks like a peace of art !


what a machine.

i wonder how well would it run under some top japanese drivers like taniguchi, orido or even tsuchiya/. ^_^

kick ass feature as well. ^_^


This setup is how it should have came from the factory. AWD and turbo. Going to a NA/FWD setup never made any sense to me.


Incredible car and team !!!

Car in action at Donington Park for Time Attack series


this toy cel looks dead serious!!!! I WANT IT


I wish toyota made these AWD from the beginning, these cars would probably be more popular and supported. They where not ugly imo, they just lacked any type of motorsports background to be worth picking up imo


Sorry did I read that right... 10 pot front and 6 pot rear... those pistons must be tiny! Would 10 really be that much better than 6? It seems way overkill to me?


Awesome work


I have been in love with this car ever since I saw it first a few years back.


Congrats to Fensport for actually giving the 7th Gen Celica some balls!


Great car, but like stated before, 10 pot calipers is just WAY too overkilled. 6 pistons is more than enough.

Considering also this car puts down 576hp and runs on tiny 225 width tires....that's a joke.


I own a 2001 celica and these photos make me want to modify.I would like to see a photo on a lift to see the configuration.Just wonder how they did that conversion.Could be the best i have seen........

James Salvato


... to read that it's powered by the 3SGTE (3rd gen) , it's instant wub for me :D


That's the coolest last gen Celica I've seen! That engine compartment looks crazy! I agree with earlier comments, what's with 10 piston calipers? Didn't even know they made those! I mean, c'mon not even Koenigsegggggs or Zondas or any of the other hypercars have brakes like that!


there nice cars but the the fwd platform it just does not make it appealing to any type of tuner with ti awd it makes it a car that most people would love to have if they made these awd from the begging many more people would be driving them


A name from the past! As a former st165 owner, I remember paying ungodly amounts of $ to air in parts from Fensport just so I didnt have a stock car lol. They were the only place I could find at the time (this goings back about 13 years ago) that had a wide range of suspension mods available for the car