Car Spotlight>> Box-type Corolla 4-door

For some reason, I've been pretty enthralled by TE71/TE72 Corollas recently. Seeing cars like Grant Scott's AE71 in Australia and several of the AE71s I've seen in Japan definitely have me inspired. Accidentally, I even found a 1980 Corolla coupe for sale this week; I'm currently debating on whether or not I should buy it. Since I'm currently on this TE7x Corolla kick, I wanted to post up photos of this daily driven red 1980 TE72 Corolla 4-door, owned by Clarence (AKA Corollin on Club4AG). Clarence's TE72 4-door is one of the coolest "box-type" Corollas I've seen in the United States; it is super clean, and has great style.

What we're looking at here in factory paint from 1980;  who would have thought that 29 year old original paint could look so good?! I asked Clarence what his secret was, and he explained that the car didn't look like that when he first bought it. In fact, he admits that the paint looked dull and light pink from being oxidized, and honestly looked more faded than Method Man and Redman at a family barbecue. Clarence put three whole days of hard work into restoring his paint when he first got the car – it included clay barring the car to pick up the contaminants on the paint, then carefully cutting down the pink haze with just enough polishing compounds and cleaner waxes. Clarence says that it is extremely important to use different buffing pads when doing each step of the paint restoration, and there are even different grit levels that you must use to prevent cutting down too much of the original paint – remember, original paint is thin! Cut down too much, and the paint will come off completely, especially on the hard corners of the body! This isn't a car care and detailing website, but I thought that his story of how he did it was very interesting and compelling, because I'm always looking for tricks to maintain the shine of my 1973 TE27's original old paint.

Aside from its low raked stance, another thing that looks awesome on Clarence's Corolla is the fact that it has the 1979/1980 zenki round headlights. These are my absolute favorite headlights for this type of Corolla – the round shape just has such an awesome vintage look to it, especially with the rectangular trim surrounding it, and the old looking grill. Since 29-year old headlights can't possibly illuminate the road well enough for today's standards, Clarence opted to install HIDs into his headlight housings, and Hella foglight bulbs and housings for the round lights that sit right next to them.

The incredibly rare and expensive metal bumpers were unavailable in the United States – Clarence was lucky enough to buy them from the owner of another TE72. How lucky to find them for sale in the United States! Those metal bumpers definitely set it off – they make the car look more vintage and classy. So awesome.

I like how low Clarence's car sits… just imagine – it's slammed on 13 inch wheels! Old school style; 13x8s with 185/60/13 tires. Super low. I can't stop admiring how clean this car is – from the paint to the wheels to the bumpers to the window visors. Let's also take a look at the exhaust – it's a brand I haven't seen in quite a while… a vintage ANSA muffler with dual polished tips that stick out underneath the bumper aggressively. Very cool. I also like the Cipher Garage "Offset is Everything" license plate frame! I was surprised to see that! Cool!

Clarence's box-type sedan definitely has a great stance. What's even cooler about his car is the rare wheels that it sits on – super rare 13×8 (negative offset) Advan Racing A3A wheels. Advan A3A wheels are a bit more commonly found in the Corolla scene of Southern California and Japan. These Advan Racing models are a lot more difficult to find! It's the Advan equivalent to RS Watanabe Type R wheels; all Advan Racing wheels have aggressive sizes, but they only come in 13 and 14 inch sizes as far as I know.

Another great detail on Clarence's car are the rare aluminum window visors, which are basically unobtainium as far as I'm concerned. These trim pieces are extremely rare, and are even hard to find in Japan or the Philippines. They definitely make the car stand out, matching the chrome bumpers, trim and polished fat lips on his wheels. I like these types of details because they make his car look even more vintage and classy. Very cool.

The interior of the car is pretty clean, and looks great in black. For a little bit of old school Filipino style, this box-type sedan has a wooden rim Grant steering wheel and a fake wooden cupholder attached to the dash, which holds a matching red My Shaldan air freshener. Filipino for sure!

Clarence is a young guy, but My Shaldan is the brand of air freshener that all Filipino uncles and aunts use in their cars, because they smell good, are readily available in all Chinese and Filipino supermarkets, and most importantly, because they're a lot less expensive than the JDM squash scented air fresheners. I wonder how many of our readers use My Shaldan and how many use actual Squash scented air fresheners? I've used both, and settled with squach scent in my AE86s. However, I noticed that people with fixed up Japanese cars definitely have a preference when it comes to air fresheners – they dare not use those carboard pine trees that you might find in musclecars. If you have a personal preference, what is it?

-Antonio Alvendia



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Haha, I think my mom had 3 of the My Shaldans before it permanently stunk up her car. Can't stand the smell anymore, but it's definately nostalgic, if not nauseous.


i like the raw smell of fresh air when u open the windows, saves on air fresheners. money u could be using on gas or something else related to actual DRIVING


I got a pair of small fuzzy dice (dark purple and vanilla-scented) wainting to put on my car when i have one ^_^'

Don't think they'd match the AE86 i want though... xD


good lord that's nice

how come i can never find a3a's for sale in that size in the states. they're always 14x6 or something


The car l@@ks great. Those bumpers give it a awesome look.


what a beaut!


too bad that things is 4ac powered still looks amazing though.


nice find antonio. thats a really nice corolla. cant believe the original paint is in such good condition! i especially like the window visor. they are uber rare. my friends TE72 has those chrome bumpers and his has a 4tg-gte in it! im guessing this one had the original 3tc motor in its.


antonio, when are u gonna bust out some of your whips for toyota month?


Cool car. I saw two TE71/72's on my way to school last week with round headlights. Hmm, why does the Philippine version have no rectangular trim outside the headlights? And, what's the difference between the Advan Oni's and the A3A's?


Hahaha... My Shaldan rules! I used to buy those Air Spencer ones cuz of the squash scent, but at $10 a refill, it was too much. My Shaldan didn't have scented air fresheners 'til recently. When I found out they had one, I quickly bought one. Hey, they last almost as long as the Air Spencer ones and smells the same, and 4x cheaper.

But that TE72 is a perfectly looking daily driver! I love it.


TE72SPL: haha good point! my TE27 uses no air freshener, the inside just smells like 1970s Toyota vinyl interior and gas from the twin carbs hehe

RicerX: Those aren't normal A3As. They're Advan Racing wheels... they look the same, but the Racing version is always wider. A3A comes in thin sizes and doesn't say "Racing" stamped into the face.

Kevin: take a look at photos of both wheels next to each other. Advan Onis look very different than A3As. The Oni is a newer take on the A3A. The A3A have an old classic stepped lip with bolts surrounding it that look almost like they're vintage SSR or Work style. The Oni has a different face (no lines surrounding the triangle) and have a flat (reverse) lip, and more bolt holes going around the wheel, similar to an SSR Reverse mesh or a Watanabe RS8.

knows it all: it's actually powered by a 3TC because it's a TE72, not an AE71.

liamsil80: I wasn't planning on featuring my cars honestly. No need to show them off, my cars are really for my own enjoyment and personal satisfaction! =) besides, lots of people have seen my cars already...


Are you serious? It boils down to what fresheners we like/ use? Who gives a flying fuck about how good a car smell?....gimme a break Mr. Alvendia....


@garyversusther3bots : I was thinking exactly the same about exactly the same car!


Ohh man.. that makes me really want to buy this Corona I found on Clist... 700 bucks 1979 and uber clean.

I alwease rock Car Mate Air Freshners.. usualy I go with the F.R.S.C in squash flavor.. but right now Im going diffrent and doing the Blang liquid in Glamorous White Musk flaver.


are you talking about the white one on clist for 650 in granada hills? yeah it looks clean. when i was like 4yrs old, i remember my grandfather having a red corona station wagon. we drove to yosemite in that thing, and me and my cousins rode in the trunk part of the station wagon. no seatbelts or anything! sheesh.

i dunno, i'm not a humongous fan of that body style of car. maybe it's because of that yosemite trip, haha


oh cool, i was browsing club4ag after seeing this and these wheels are for sale for 1300...very tempting. they're so beautiful. damn recession


The no seatbealts trunk riding takes me back... early 80's I would have to ride up on the back shelf of my dads 79 RX7 when it was him, my mom and me.

But ya Antonio that is eaxctly the one I was looking at. And ya I kno its not the best looking box out there... but I scowered the net for a sweet eaxample of the 4th gen Corona and found none. Wich means I could have one unique ride when Im finished. Maby its ultra bland boxy shape will end up looking sweet with a nice set of old skool SSR's and some body refreshning.


Antonio: Oh, I see. It's because I saw wheels like these (only colored red) on a Trueno and someone told they were Oni's. Salamat pare. :)


For anyone who digs toyotas or mr-2's in general, checkout this crazy MR2 on this link, the sickest i've ever seen,maybe it should be featured here what do yu guys think??? Mr Antonio Alvendia??


Michael: That SW20 looks like it has some pretty impressive specs, but the style looks a bit dated for SH. Maybe the owner should hit up Import Tuner or Modified?


^ Boom, roasted.


Im really impressed at the effort thats been put into restoring the original paint, i wish more people did that out here... though i think with the harsh australian sun most cars are beyond repair.

Im amazed at how clean the body is too, in that second last picture the roof looks immaculate... not a single dent or imperfection